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Valentine's Day Gift Guide ~ Fog Free Shaving Mirror Review & Giveaway {Closed}

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Fogless Shower Mirror


 Well ladies, if you are looking for a great gift for your man this Valentine's Day then I have something you are going to love to get him!  Does your man like to shave in the shower? Mine does. He uses razors and likes to get his shaving done while he is getting his bath. I had never thought of having a shower mirror for him before and actually, he never even mentioned wanting one.
Today I am going to introduce you to a product that will aid that special man in your life with his shower shaving. The Fog Free Shaving Mirror is a product that emerged after multiple attempts to use "fog free" mirrors when in the shower. The man behind this mirror is Bill Vogel and here is a bit more about his product...

The Shave Well Company™ anti fog shaving mirror is fog free simply by design!  The Shave Well mirror removes easily from the wall mounted hook.  Just hold it under the shower stream for a few seconds.  In that short time, the temperature of the moist air and the mirror itself will equalize to create a long lasting, truly fog free image for the duration of your shower.  It's basic science.  No more temperature difference - no more fog.  It's just that simple.

Like I said before, I had never tried a fogless shower mirror before so I was very interested to see what this one was like. 
So, for this review I was sent a Fog Free Shaving Mirror for my hubby to try. I got my opportunity right away as my hubby has to shave his facial hair quite frequently. He was very excited (literally) to use this product as he usually just shaves blindly and "cleans up" what he misses when he gets out of the tub.
This mirror is simple to use. It comes with an adhesive hook that is mountable anywhere in your shower. I chose to put it down lower so Greg could reach it when bathing. 
The mirror then just hangs from the hook and is easily accessible from anywhere in the shower. I really wasn't sure what Greg would think of this as it would seem like any other mirror to him. When I showed it to him and he began to shave, he LOVED it! He kept saying "This is really nice! I like this alot!" 
The beauty of this Fog Free Shaving Mirror is that it really is fog free! I tried it multiple times while in the shower and it really does do what it says it does! All you do is run the mirror under the shower when you first get in and the mirror adjusts to the temperature of the water. This prevents condensation, which keeps the fog non-existent. Also, it is not a huge mirror so it is easy to handle and maneuver with one hand.

This Fog Free Shaving Mirror can be found on the Shave Well Company's website and holds a retail value of $9.99. If you have a guy who shaves in the shower, then this mirror is definitely worth every penny!
The Shave Well Company Truly Fog Free Shower Shave Mirror
So, in my opinion...the Fog Free Shaving Mirror is a wonderful product. My husband loves it and uses it each time he shaves. It has really helped to eliminate the time it takes to finish up his shaving when he gets out of the tub too. I would definitely recommend this product...and so would my husband!

Bill Vogel has generously offered to give one of these mirrors away to one of my readers! (OK...think VALENTINE'S DAY GIFT for a guy, ladies!). Here are your entry options... 


Disclaimer: I received no monetary compensation for this post. I did receive a free Fog Free Shower Mirror for review purposes. All quotes and stock photos are from The Shave Well website and email. Prize is being mailed by the sponsor. All thoughts and opinions are 100% mine. 

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