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Baby Shower Gift Guide Event ~ Covillow Nursing Cover Review & Giveaway (CLOSED)

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I am a huge advocate of breastfeeding. Always have been, probably always will be. Not only do I advocate breastfeeding, I also advocate breastfeeding in public. Why? Because you and I eat in public, why shouldn't a baby when they are hungry? Now, I am NOT for just flipping out a breast and showing the whole world your breastfeeding techniques without covering. Modesty while nursing has always been a HUGE deal with me and having breastfed two children, I know how hard it can be to stay modest while breastfeeding. When I stumbled upon this next company, I was thrilled beyond thrilled with how their nursing covers looked. I felt the need to include this company in my baby shower gift guide event because I believe EVERY nursing mom should have one of these covers. As you will see, they are very different from others but also very modest and practical at the same time!
Covillow is a company that makes unique nursing covers that are a cover with a pillow attached for extra comfort for baby! When I first found Covillow my first thought was "WOW! Look at how much of the mom is completely covered!" Pretty astounding and very amazing! Here is a bit more about this company and it's founder, Candice Boehm (a breastfeeding mom herself!)...

Covillow, LLC was established in 2010 by Candice Boehm, a stay at home mom and experienced breastfeeding mother of two, on a mission to change the way the public and mothers perceived breastfeeding in public.  Being a modest mom that still wanted to breastfeed anywhere, anytime, conventional breastfeeding covers on the market inadequately provided privacy for her sides and the small of her back while lifting up her shirt to breastfeed. She also carried a popular nursing pillow with her to make her breastfeeding experience more comfortable for her and her baby while out and about. Bringing multiple breastfeeding items on the go in addition to everything she needed for her and her children for a trip somewhere became cumbersome and frustrating. This is when Candice had the idea to design one item that provided privacy in public, the comforts of nursing at home with the convenience of bringing only one item with you while on the go.

The Covillow, and its patented design, is the first and only of its kind, and gives breastfeeding mothers the privacy, comfort and convenience they need to confidently breastfeed in public. The name Covillow, pronounced cuvillow, combines the words cover and pillow together, and is the first product for Covillow, LLC. We are proud to say our products are handmade with love in the USA.

Candice faced the same problems that I and other nursing mothers face...modesty. I currently have a nursing cover that slings over my head and covers me in the front. But, I have experienced very "busy" babies while nursing that love to fling the cover up and be nosy while eating. If I had a cover that went completely around me and was more secure, how much better that would be for me!
So, for this review I was sent a Covillow and the design I chose was Happy Blossoms. When my Covillow arrived, my first impression was how small it looked. It was in a cylinder shaped bag and looked very compact.
When I pulled the cover out however, it was HUGE!!! In order to give you an idea of how large it really is, I laid it over a chair in my living room. It is not a small piece of cloth, nor is it thin and cheaply made. This cover is THE cover that you are going to want! (The square at the bottom of the cover is the pillow).
This cover is unique in that it has a pillow attached on the underside that your baby can lay on while nursing. This can really come in handy as well because with the baby laying on it, it secures the cover OVER the baby so they cannot pull it off.
I also love this pillow because the pillow itself is removable and you can go with or without it. This feature also makes washing the cover easy. Just pull the pillow out of the cover and you are all set. This also comes in handy if you are really wanting to make the cover less bulky to fit into a purse or tiny diaper bag for small outings.
So, the next thing that I did was to try this cover on! I have a long torso and I am tall, so having enough coverage is important for me and difficult to do. Above, you can see what this cover looks like on me from the front. As you can see, it covers me completely in the front. There is also boning in around the neckline so you can peek in and see your baby.
Now, here is the back view...I love how it goes all the way down my back. No problems with coverage there!
This is what I am most excited about. Look at the sides! The Covillow covers my whole arm and is stitched so it fits over my arms and body. This means that when I nurse, no one will see in my sides, back or front. (The huge bump is the pillow resting on my 36 week pregnant belly...don't I look HUGE with a pillow there too? HA HA!).

The Covillow comes in four different patterns/colors: Happy Blossoms, Peaceful Periwinkle, Tranquil Tangerine and Turquoise Dream. Each cover retails for $59.95.
So, in my opinion...Covillow is by far, my most favorite nursing cover EVER. I love how it covers each and every angle of my upper body while allowing tons of room for a baby. I also love the pillow that is attached and can be removed. This is so convenient! I would (and will...can't wait to show my Covillow to my  Doula!!) and will recommend Covillow to any mom who wants a more private option to public breastfeeding. This would make a pretty awesome baby shower gift for a first-time-mom...what a confidence booster to encourage the most wonderful and bonding time of a new mom's life-breastfeeding. AMAZING product! :)

Candice, the owner of Covillow has very graciously offered to give away one of these fantastic nursing covers to one of my the winner's choice of color! THANK YOU Candace for this awesome opportunity! Readers, here are your entry options!

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Disclaimer: I received no monetary compensation for this post. I did receive a Covillow Nursing Cover for review purposes. All quotes and stock photos are from the Covillow website and email. Prize is being provided and shipped by the sponsor. All thoughts and opinions are 100% mine. 

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  1. I would choose the happy blossoms

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  4. peaceful periwinkle!

  5. I love the turquois dream design! @ gmail

  6. If I won I would pick the "Happy Blossoms". Thank you for the chance.
    :) Jeanne

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    :) Jeanne

  8. I like tranquil tangerine

  9. I would choose the Happy Blossoms pattern

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  10. I love Happy Blossoms


  11. I like the turquoise dream.
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  12. I love Tranquil Tangerine

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  17. I like the Tranquil Tangerine

  18. I like Peaceful Periwinkle.

  19. I would choose peaceful periwinkle!

  20. I really like the torquise dream

  21. I would choose Turquois Dream.


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