Carmex Limited Edition Moisture Plus Collection Review & Giveaway

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I am a HUGE lip balm fan. I love anything that adds a bit of shine or a touch of neutral color. My style is not in-your-face, bold and outrageous, but rather quiet, subtle and neutral. Favorite lip colors are blushy rose, cafe' au lait and clear. This time of the year the wind is quite unforgiving and I find my lips are getting drier. With the dryness of the air, it is time to once again break out the lip moisturizers and I have some of my all-time favorites from which I can choose. One of my favorite lip and skin care companies is Carmex and currently, theirs is the brand I am using.
Carmex has recently come out with a brand new Limited Edition Moisture Plus Collection and friends, this collection is SO fun! Each lip balm is graphically printed with a design that will appeal to every Carmex user. With prints like a refined black and white pattern to whimsical, colorful designs, this new collection will allow you to express your personality in a truly fashionable and fun way. Before I introduce you to this collection of lip balms, here is a bit more about Carmex...

Founded by Alfred Woelbing - the inventor of Carmex® Lip Balm – Carma Laboratories Inc. is a family owned and operated business that employs more than 100 people in Franklin, Wis. Carma Laboratories makes Carmex brand lip balms, including a premium lip balm called Carmex Moisture Plus™ ultra hydrating lip balm, and Carmex skin care products. Carmex is available in major drug, food and mass merchant retailers, at convenience stores throughout the United States, online and in more than 35 countries around the world. 

I have been a Carmex fan for some time now and have a hard time deciding which I like better, the lip moisturizer or the lotion. Right now, I am using the lotion multiple times a day because it absorbs quickly, isn't greasy and works extremely well for me. I was thrilled when I heard about the Limited Edition Moisture Plus Collection and could not wait to try it out!
So, for this review I was sent all four lip moisturizers from this collection: Whimsical (multi-colored), Fab (purple), Chic (black and white) and Adventurous (leopard print). My package arrived in this cute little box the other day and it was all I could do to NOT get into it right then and there!
I have to say that I just LOVE the bright and stylish colors. There truly is a style for everyone! Each stick is slimline and will fit nicely into any pocket, purse, glove box, wallet and diaper bag.
As always, the Moisture Plus formula is amazing. To me, it has a slight orange flavor and is very silky smooth. When I apply it to my lips, my lips stay moist for hours...which is one factor I consider what lip balms I want to use. 
When you are trying to decide which "personality" you are, Carmex has developed a really neat quiz to help you determine which style fits you best. This Uniquely You Personality Quiz is super easy to take and I found out that I am the "Chic" (black and white) style...which is pretty accurate! My sticks also came with neat little cards that explain each lip moisturizer's style and I thought this was a cute touch. 
My lip balm sampler was on hand for this review and so I let her pick out the one she liked the best and give it a try. She picked Whimsical because she loved all the bright colors...that IS her personality too...wild and crazy. :) She loved it and it ended up helping her lips feel a bit better. She has been chapped and this helped to give her just a bit more moisture. 
So, if you are looking for some great stocking stuffers or small gift ideas, be sure to check out the Carmex Limited Edition Moisture Plus Collection. It is chic, trendy, stylish and PERFECT for any gal on your list this holiday season! You can find this collection at mass retailers and drug stores across the country. 
Carmex has offered to giveaway a set of the Limited Edition Moisture Plus Collection to one of you! Here are your entry options...
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclaimer: I received no monetary compensation for this post. As a member of the Carmex Blog Squad I did receive Carmex products for review purposes. All quotes and stock photos are from the Carmex website and email. Prize is being provided and shipped by the sponsor. This blog is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged prizes. All thoughts and opinions are 100% mine.

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  1. I'm "Your Style Is: Whimsical
    You’re a natural beauty with an easy, low-key look"---haha! I guess it was naming Janis Joplin as my style icon:)
    bethelderton59 at gmail dot com

  2. My results were: Your Style Is: Chic
    You’re a classic, refined beauty with sophisticated taste.

  3. My style is Adventourous

  4. My result was Chic- which was perfect because it was also the disign I was most drawn to!

  5. Your Style Is: Adventurous
    You’re a daring rocker-chick with bold style to match.

  6. Mine is chic.

  7. My style is whimsical kathlex(at)aol(dot)com

  8. Apparently I'm an adventurous Rocker Chick. Who knew, lol?

  9. I am Chic.

    Desiree Dunbar

  10. I did quiz and I am Whimsical.
    twinkle at optonline dot net

  11. I am chic. Thanks for the awesome giveaway :)

    fattybumpkins at yahoo dot com

  12. I took the quiz. Said I was Fab.

    tderosa142 at gmail dot com

  13. I got Whimisical in the quiz. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  14. I'm chic! and I loved the design!

  15. Mine came up with chic! which is exactly the one I would have chosen without taking the quiz!

  16. My style is whimsical

  17. My results:
    Your Style Is: Whimsical
    You’re a natural beauty with an easy, low-key look.

  18. My style is Fab!
    Brittney House (

  19. my style is adventours

  20. My style is Chic.
    Michele M

  21. i got....Your Style Is: Adventurous
    You’re a daring rocker-chick with bold style to match

  22. I seem to be falling in with everyone else lol"
    Your Style Is: Whimsical

    You’re a natural beauty with an easy, low-key look. "


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