Dial Sugar Cane Husk Scrub Hand Soap Review & Giveaway {3 Winners}

Ever since I was introduced to liquid hand soap, I waved goodbye to bar soap sitting on my sinks. Liquid hand soaps are so much more neater, appealing to the eye and easy to clean, it was so easy to make the switch. I also love how many different scents you can choose from when looking for the perfect family soap. Typically, I switch out my hand soaps to match the seasons. Christmas time will find pine, peppermint and candy apple scented soaps on my sinks. The fall season usually brings pumpkin pie scents, along with autumn apple and warm cinnamon scents. Spring and summer are usually fruity and floral scents. When my favorite soaps go on sale, I stock up so I am ready for the next big soap swap-out. :) 
Dial is a company that makes all kinds of skin care products and liquid hand soap is one of their specialties. I wanted to introduce you to their new Boutique Collection, containing some luscious hand soap offerings. Currently, they have Yellow Raspberry & Black Sugar, Coconut Lime Verbena and Water Blossoms scented soaps. Most recently, they introduced a brand new scent and this new scent is called Sugar Cake Husk Scrub! Sounds so amazing, doesn't it?!? 
I was thrilled when I was offered the opportunity to review this newest soap! Being that I LOVE hand soap, this was a perfect product for me. So, for this review I was sent a bottle of Dial Sugar Cake Husk Scrub Hand Soap.
First of all, I love how classy and elegant this bottle looks. The picture on the front is beautiful and eye-catching, and it is the type of look that you just cannot help but notice. Even the shape of the bottle is beautiful!
This is a Deep Cleansing Hand Soap, which is always beneficial. It is also moisturizing, which is very needful...especially for me. I suffer from dry hands and the winter months are the worse. We have just come out of one of the most horrible flu seasons I have ever seen and hand washing was a priority for my family and I. I felt like I washed the top layer of my skin off in the past few months because of all the hand washing I did. However, it worked and we avoided the flu. This soap contains micro-scrubbers, which are good for getting the germs out of small creases and under finger nails. I love how I can create a nice lather with this soap as well. As far as the scent goes, it smells like warm, creamy vanilla. I am a HUGE vanilla fan and so this scent was amazing! Right now, this soap is sitting on my kitchen sink, where I wash my hands the most and I have been using it regularly. I absolutely love it.
This luxurious new soap from the Boutique Collection has hit the store shelves as of February so make sure you check it out next time you are out! I love it and know you will as well. Also, be sure to check out Dial on Facebook to stay up to date on the latest news, product releases and coupon giveaways that they offer regularly.
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FREE Bee Care Seed Packet

So, with Springtime right around the corner, it is time to start thinking about planting things. When you are planting your vegetables and fruits, don't forget to feed the bees by planting some wildflowers! Right now, you can get a free packet of wildflower seeds to feed the bees! So cute. Each packet contains 200 seeds so you should have plenty. Click here to get a free packet. Just click on the "send me a free packet" section and enter your info. You should be all set! Enjoy!

NEW FREE Kelloggs Family Rewards Points Code

Hello everyone! Just to let you all know, there are a few new Kelloggs Family Rewards Codes available and I wanted to share them. Here they are, expiration dates are not known at this point.


Randoms Gummy Candy Review

Who here LOVES candy?? My hand is raised! :) My entire family loves candy, in fact. I use candy as a sweet reward when my children do something wonderful or when they need a little "pick me up" in the middle of the day. I have always been a fan of gummy candy. Sour gummies are the best, in my opinion but I will take just about any variety that is offered. My husband also has a special place in his heart for gummies as well. He can be found in the bulk candy aisle after Easter, looking for the discounted gummy candy and often, brings home alot of yummy treats.
Wonka candy has so many different types of candy, it is hard to choose a favorite. Well, today I wanted to introduce you to one of their newest candy and these tasty little morsels are called Randoms! Yep. You read that right. Randoms. Why are they called Randoms? Stick around and I will tell you. :)  Before I do though, I wanted to share the fun history of Willy Wonka...fondly known by all as the odd candy factory owner in the movie "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory"...

The Willy Wonka Candy Company was first imagined in the pages of Roald Dahl's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The Willy Wonka Candy Company came to be as the result of film director Mel Stuart's 10-year-old daughter Madeline. Madeline read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and asked her father to make it into a film, obliging him to get "Uncle Dave" (producer David L. Wolper) to produce it. Stuart showed the book to Wolper, who was engaged in talks with the Quaker Oats Company. Wolper convinced the Quaker Oats Company into signing the deal for up to $3 million to finance the film version in exchange for the candy bar tie-in.  Quaker, who had no previous experience in the film industry, bought the rights to the book and financed the picture for the purpose of promoting their new Wonka Bar. The name of Dahl's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory however was renamed to Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory for promotion purposes.

The new brand was produced in Illinois, at the Chicago-based Breaker Confections (which was then owned by Sunmark Co., a subsidiary of Quaker). The original Wonka Bars never saw store shelves due to factory production problems prior to the film's release. Regardless, later Wonka product releases were highly successful. Breaker Confections changed its name into Willy Wonka Brands in 1980 in an attempt at developing its Wonka brand image. In 1988 Willy Wonka Brands was sold, along with parent company Sunmark, by Quaker to Nestlé, who in 1993 renamed Willy Wonka Brands to Willy Wonka Candy Company. Today, the company produces over 100 different varieties of candy.

A number of the Willy Wonka-branded products originated from Roald Dahl's book and later film adaptations, while others were originally created or acquired for the brand. Some of the products included under the brand include Everlasting Gobstoppers, Sweettarts, Laffy Taffy, Nerds, Kazoozles, Shockers, Bottle Caps, Gummies, Fun Dip, Spree, Runts, Pixy Stix, MixUps and their world-famous Wonka Bars.

I know that is kind of long, but I found it interesting to learn where the Willy Wonka Candy Company got its roots.
So, for this review I was sent two bags of Randoms. One bag is resealable (which I LOVE) and the other is an original "open and eat them all" bag. Haha! Hey, if the bag isn't resealable then the contents may go bad...so eat them all! :)
Ok, so these candies are called Randoms because they are gummy candies that come in 70 different shapes, 7 fruit flavors and three gummy candy textures (traditional, jam-filled and a dual-layered gummy with a whipped marshmallow back). Sounds amazing, right? What is really fun is giving these to my children. I can pick out different shapes for my kids and have them guess what shape they got. I love the flowers, and the crowns too. My favorite flavors were the red ones (not sure which flavor they were exactly, but they tasted like cherry or strawberry). I also loved the ones with the white, creamier gummy bottoms to them. As far as which ones my children loved the best...I don't have a clue because they wanted to eat every one that I gave them! As you can see in the photo above, I have a turtle, Christmas tree, button, butterfly, trophy, and some other shapes that I cannot quite make out from the photo but trust me...there were TONS of shapes in my bag!
So, the next time you are hit with a snack attack, reach for a bag of Randoms and let your imagination take off with you. :) These candies are fun, whimsical, modern, sweet and oh so chewy and are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth...randomly! Make sure you check out Randoms on Tumblr and also on Twitter, and get yourself your very own bag too.

Disclaimer: I received no monetary compensation for this post. As a member of Smiley360,  I received free Randoms for review purposes. All quotes and stock photos are from the Randoms website and email. All thoughts and opinions are 100% mine.

Alpina NBA All-Stars Yogurt Review

As soon as all of my children were learning how to eat, they were introduced to yogurt. The health benefits of yogurt are amazing and when my children all refused to drink milk from a cup, I had to seek out other ways to get them the nutrients that milk would provide...calcium being one of them. To this day, every one of my children loves yogurt! It was starting to get expensive to buy little cups of yogurt for each of them so we started to buy the large tubs and those lasted much longer. However, when I see the cups of yogurt go on sale, I buy them as a treat for the children. My children especially love the little yogurt cups that have the toppings included. M&M's, cookies, candy bits and more are all favorites for my children and I love giving them these special yogurts as a treat.
Alpina is a company that produces some awesome yogurt and they have recently launched a new yogurt product called Alpina NBA All-Stars Yogurt. This is one of the only male/tween product you will find in the dairy aisle and I guarantee your family will love it! Here is a bit more about Alpina...

At Alpina Foods, we believe life should be savored, and that every new day should be met with vitality and optimism. That’s why we offer a range of wholesome products that are exciting and always delicious. Nourishing the body while feeding the spirit, they fuel your appetite for all that life has to offer.

Because my children love the taste and texture of yogurt, they eat it frequently and I love giving them foods that are good for them. Personally, I am a huge Greek yogurt fan. Love that stuff. :)
So, for this review I was sent the Alpina NBA All-Stars Yogurt and as soon as I opened the box that was delivered, my children were literally begging to eat it. No surprise there. The packaging is pretty eye-catching for the basketball fan and with March Madness upon us, it makes for a timely snacking option.
There are three different flavors from which you can choose. These are basically vanilla flavored yogurt cups with fun toppings. You can pick from Cookies 'n Cream, "Dunkers" (which are white chocolate covered rice crispies), and Chocolate Mini Gems (like mini M&M's). Don't they look like a fun snack?
These cups of yogurt are not huge and are actually the perfect size for children. I also enjoyed some and it ended up being just enough to "hit the spot".
The toppings are separate from the yogurt itself so you can mix them into the yogurt or just eat them separately. For the more complex yogurt eater, you can put some toppings on your spoon and dip the spoon into the yogurt. :) There are definitely options here. My children really enjoyed the Dunkers and the Chocolate Mini Gems.
Well, to say that my children liked this yogurt would be an understatement. They LOVED this yogurt. It was breakfast as well as dessert for lunch. There wasn't enough to last us more than two days but they sure did enjoy what they did get. Oh, and as an added bonus, there is a sticker on the inside of each box and the sticker has a picture of an NBA basketball player. Just a little extra basketball fun for your family. :)
So, I would definitely purchase these Alpina NBA All-Star Yogurts again. Alpina All-Stars Yogurt is available now at select regional stores including: A&P, Pathmark, Waldbaum’s, The Food Emporium, Super Fresh, Shoprite, Shaw’s, Lowe’s Markets and Sedano’s in S. Florida at the suggested retail price of $2.99 - $3.29. Coming soon to select Walmarts. If you are near these stores, be sure to look for these yogurts! Be sure to check out Alpina on Facebook as well, leave them some feedback if you have tried these yogurts...they would love to hear from you! I guarantee your family will enjoy them as much as mine did.

Disclaimer: I received no monetary compensation for this post. I did receive free Alpina NBA All-Stars Yogurt for review purposes. All quotes and stock photos are from the Alpina website and email. All thoughts and opinions are 100% mine.

Exergen Smart Glow TemporalScanner Thermometer Review

As a mom, there is nothing I dread more than fevers in my children. While fevers are the body's way of fighting off infections, they can sometimes get very high and can cause even the spunkiest of children to be bed-ridden. One year ago, I was in the ER with my then 3 1/2 year old son and he was fighting a fever that was over 105. I have never seen him so sick. He ended up having Influenza A and after several doses of TamiFlu, he was feeling much better. However, that entire day when he had the fever, he was lethargic, burning up and I was fighting him to get fluids down into him. Part of caring for a child with a fever is being able to properly take their temperature. Unfortunately, with littler ones, the only way to get an accurate reading is by taking a rectal temp. Uggh. That is horrible for them. However, when my son was in the Children's Hospital, they used a Temporal Thermometer and I remember thinking to myself how great of an idea that was!
The most popular temporal thermometer on the market today has to be the Exergen Temporal Thermometer. Who would have thought that a simple swipe across the forehead would give you an accurate temp reading? So cool. Now, the Exergen Temporal Thermometer is even better because it has a Smart Glow feature that allows you to read the thermometer in the dark. This makes it so much more convenient! Here is a bit more about this thermometer...

Nearly two billion temperatures are taken each year with the TemporalScanner™. It is used in thousands of hospitals, clinics and pediatricians' offices across the country, as well as in millions of homes. In addition to being the #1 preference of pediatricians in the United States, it is the #1 preference of nurses, and the #1 selling retail thermometer.

The TemporalScanner™ Thermometer is tested six times for accuracy during manufacture at Exergen's plant in Watertown, Massachusetts and comes with a one-year warranty. It runs on one 9-volt battery (included), and meets and exceeds all regulatory requirements, including FDA, ASTM, EC, and UL.

Created by Harvard-research scientist Dr. Francesco Pompei, the TemporalScanner™ has become one of the most efficient, non-invasive thermometer ever created. The Exergen TemporalScanner's performance is supported by more than 50 peer-reviewed published studies covering all ages from preterm infants to geriatrics and all care areas from hospitals to homes.

I have always wanted a thermometer like this one and was very excited when I was contacted about reviewing one with the Smart Glow option.
So, for this review I was sent the Exergen Smart Glow TemporalScanner Thermometer. This thermometer is battery operated and is really light-weight.
Like I said before, rectal temperatures is usually what I have to do with my younger ones. I HATE this method but since it has been the most accurate, it is what I use. This thermometer makes temperature taking a much more pleasant experience and one that can be done while the child (or adult) is sleeping. I love that. There are four ways in which this thermometer makes it easy to take a temperature...

  • A softly illuminated display for easy reading in any light – perfect for checking the temperature of a sleeping infant in a darkened room
  • Beeping sound indicating scanning can be turned off or on to avoid waking a sleeping child
  • Automatically retains the last eight temperature readings for instant recall to check on fever progression
  • Ability to switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius modes

The probe comes with a protective cap that can be easily removed and replaced, and you don't have to replace the probe itself between uses. I was surprised at how easy this thermometer was to use. I have tried it several times and it took a bit of practice, but once I figured it out, it was a breeze! Here is how it works...
There is no on/off button, you just press the large SCAN button on the thermometer. You place the probe directly onto the center of the forehead and then, press and hold the SCAN button. While holding the button in, lightly slide the thermometer from the center of the forehead over to the side of the head to the hairline. It is important to keep the sensor in contact with the skin the entire time. While you are scanning, you will hear beeping and a red light will glow--all of these things are normal. Once you reach the hairline, you can release the SCAN button and remove the probe from the skin. Then, you can see what the reading is! That is how easy it is to use.
The features that I personally love about this thermometer are:
-An easy to read, light up display. You have no idea how frustrating it is to try and take a rectal temperature on a sick child, in the middle of the night.
-Easy to use. Getting an accurate temperature simply by sliding the thermometer across the forehead is SO nice!
-Easy to use on ME! I have a hard time taking my own temperature and for the first time in a LONG time, I finally was able to easily take my own temperature. It is also easy for my husband to use, which is helpful.
This wonderful Exergen Smart Glow TemporalScanner Thermometer is sold in major retailers including Wal-Mart, Target, Walgreens, Rite Aid, Costco, Babies “R” Us, Toys “R” Us, Kroger and BJ’s,  and the Smart Glow thermometer’s suggested retail price is $49.99. You can also view some videos of moms trying out this thermometer by visiting Exergen's website here. Please be sure you visit Exergen on Facebook to see what news, announcements and fun stuff they are talking about now! :) I would definitely recommend this thermometer to any parent or caregiver. It works amazingly and truly, makes taking a child's temperature a pleasant experience.

Disclaimer: I received no monetary compensation for this post. I did receive a free Exergen Smart Glow TemporalScanner Thermometer for review purposes. All quotes and stock photos are from the Exergen website and email. All thoughts and opinions are 100% mine

Necktie Emporium Review & Giveaway

I have always loved the looks of ties on men. My dad was always so handsome when he put on a tie and when I first saw my husband-to-be wearing a tie...wow. He looked amazingly handsome. :) Ties just dress up my man so nicely and really, any man who wears a tie just looks so professional and crisp. Anytime my husband goes to a job interview, gets a family portrait taken, goes to a wedding, funeral or special church service, he wears a tie and for us, it makes us feel just that much more dressed up.
Necktie Emporium is an online company that sells all different kinds of ties. Neckties, bow ties, infant, toddler and boy ties, clip-ons and zipper ties. (I never knew what a zipper tie was until I was introduced to Necktie Emporium. For those of you who do not know...a zipper tie is a tie that is already tied, you just put it over your head and "zip" the knot up to your neck. Super cool and easy!)

Anyway, as many of you know, I have two adorable little boys ages 4 1/2 and just about 3 years old. My boys are SO cute when they wear ties and I was really excited to see that Necktie Emporium carries clip-on ties for boys.
So, for this review I was sent two of the boy's ties. I am very embarrassed to say that yes, I am a mom but NO---I have no clue how to tie a tie. So, clip on ties it is! My husband can manage his own ties but I wouldn't even know where to start with tying my boy's cute ties. Thank goodness for clip ons. :) Anyway, I was sent the Boys Blue Striped Clip-On Tie and the Boys Navy and Red Striped Clip-On Tie. I had the option of four different lengths, which was great! You can choose from short(10.5"), medium(12.5"), long(13.5"), or extra long(14.5") so if you have a taller toddler, you definitely have options for the tie length. I chose short for my boys because they aren't that big yet.
I love how great these ties look. They are dressy and the perfect length for my boys. There is a small piece of material on the backside of the tie that keeps the smaller section of the tie in place, which is nice. I don't know what the specific name of that piece of material is called but I do know that my hubby's are always ripping and I am constantly hand-stitching them back in place. They work well when they aren't ripped. :) I also want to mention that the clips themselves are guaranteed for the life of the necktie and if it breaks, you can send it back to the company for free repair. We all know how rough boys can be with their ties so this is also a nice option that Necktie Emporium offers.
The only time my boys wear ties and dress shirts is when we go to church, weddings or other special occasions. I love to have them look snazzy sometimes so when these ties arrived, I was so excited to dress them up. There they are!! Aren't they adorable?!?  (Oh goodness...my youngest son's pants are getting SO short!!! HAHA! Look at those flood pants!!) I am so pleased with the length, quality and durability of these clip on ties. They look great and they will go with different colored shirts as well.
Right now, both of these boys clip-on ties are on sale for just $8.50 each, which is a steal. You can check out these and many other ties at Necktie Emporium. There are so many from which to choose...you will have fun trying to find the right color combination. :) Check them out today, they have something for every little or big man in your life.
Necktie Emporium has offered to giveaway a tie to one of my readers! The winner will have their choice of any single tie from Necktie Emporium! Here are your entry options...
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Thinkbaby Baby Body Care Essentials Set Review & Giveaway

When I have little babies in my house, I think my favorite time has always been bath time. I have never had a baby who didn't love bath time so it was always a fun time. My most recent baby, Rebekah, is really starting to get into her bath time. This means that she is discovering bubbles, splashing, warm water running over her toes and tubby toys. When it comes to baby bath products, the options are seemingly endless. When you are standing in the store staring at the baby care products, there are so many different brands...how in the world do you pick out the one that is just right for your little bundle of joy??? Well, when I was a new mom, I went with the good old popular brand that my mom used. It was a no-brainer for me---but then again, I never did put much thought into what I was using on my baby's skin. What kind of chemicals are in this product? What sort of effect could it have on my baby's skin? What creates the scent? Is this product SAFE for my little one? These are all questions that you may or may not have asked yourself...but that you probably should ask.
Thinkbaby is a company that has taken concerns like the ones above to heart and has tried to give parents safer options when it comes to products for their babies. Everything from sippy cups to sunscreen has been covered by Thinkbaby and has been carefully formulated for the little ones in our lives. Here is a bit more about the Thinkbaby company and who they are...

At thinkbaby and thinksport, our approach to creating safer products is simple - We share your concerns. Just like you, we believe that people deserve the very safest products. Whether the product is being used by a newborn or elite athlete, our mission is to deliver products specifically formulated to be free of harmful chemicals.

In the creation of our products, we focus first on material safety. We worked around the clock, consult with experts around the world, and test the products to be certain that they follow our stringent requirements (but never on animals) Our mission is directly inspired by those little hands that wrap around our baby bottles. The health and safety of children isn't just a powerful source of motivation at thinkbaby, it is something we consider a responsibility. 

We are proud to offer our safe and healthy line of products and excited. We are always identifying new products to address other areas of concern. In effect, your purchase of products directly contributes to the research and development of new products. 

I am constantly amazed at the companies that are changing to healthier, safer products for our babies. As a mom, it makes me feel good to know that it matters to companies like Thinkbaby, and that good options are being made available for me.
So, for this review, Thinkbaby sent me their Baby Body Care Essentials Set. I was really excited to check this kit out because, of course, I have a 7 1/2 month old baby girl who LOVES bath time and most of the things in this kit are for bath time.
This kit contains all of the "essentials" for bath time and beyond. Thinkbaby even thought about the summer months and included some sunscreen in this kit as well. The bottles that are in this kit are generously sized and will last me a very long time. I was pleased to find Baby Shampoo & Body Wash, Baby Lotion and Bubble Bath as well as the Safe Sunscreen.
Bath time rolled around again this past week and I eagerly dug into my Thinkbaby kit. I absolutely LOVE the baby shampoo & body wash! It is so bubble and smells amazing. I think the smell is like a fresh, citrus scent and it is very calming as well. My little girlie just sits there, chewing on her tub toy and is so relaxed. This shampoo and body wash is also a tear-free formula so you don't have to worry about getting soap in baby's eyes. I try not to do that but it does happen on occasion. This shampoo and body wash is free of Parabens, phthalates, 1,4 dioxane, sodium lauryl sulfate and harmful chemicals. That is hard to find these days. I also noticed that without adding bubble bath to the bath water, this body wash made lots of fun bubbles. I did like the bubble bath though. I used it on a different night and it too made some pretty nice bath bubbles. Rebekah is just learning about bubbles and pauses while playing to look down at the water and touch the bubbles. Goodness...this is such a fun age!!!
Now the lotion is really lovely as well. My daughter loved playing with the bottle and I loved applying the lotion to her skin. It didn't have a scent that I could tell but it definitely gave her good coverage and moisture. She doesn't have any skin issues that I know of, but it is still nice to have something gentle for her. Baby skin is so delicate and tender, I want to take good care of it. I have a friend at my church who has a baby that cannot tolerate anything scented so I told her about this lotion. She sounds very interested in it so I might share with her. I love helping others and if this works well for her, that would be so amazing.
As far as the sunscreen goes, I haven't tried it yet because we are in early spring and the snow still abounds here. :) However, I will definitely be using it once the hot summer sun starts shining. We get VERY hot summers here so it will come in handy for sure. I loved what I read about it here...

Thinkbaby and Thinksport  sunscreen is a physical sunscreen which means it works immediately upon application. It is not necessary to apply 30 minutes before you are exposed to sunlight as is the case with chemical sunscreens. Thinkbaby and Thinksport  sunscreen is classified as “water resistant - 80 minutes.” This is the FDA’s highest possible rating. It will maintain its SPF after 80 minutes of water immersion. The Environmental Working Group recommends reapplying sunscreen every two hours.

This Thinkbaby Baby Body Care Essentials Set retails for $37.99 and would make a wonderful gift for a new mom, a mom-to-be or a mom like me, who has been at this "mom thing" for a while. :) Trust me...just because I have four children, doesn't me that I don't appreciate a thoughtful gift once in awhile. I love this kit and definitely recommend it to anyone, especially to parents and caregivers of little ones. Make sure you stop by Thinkbaby's Facebook page and check out all the fun happening there.
So, Thinkbaby has offered to give away a Thinkbaby Baby Body Care Essentials Set to one of you! Here are your entry options...
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Don't Forget...

...we are springing ahead tonight, or tomorrow, whenever you decide you want to adjust your clocks. We have church in the morning so we will be turning clocks ahead tonight. Uggh. I don't like to spring ahead...I would much rather fall back for the rest of my life. :)) Enjoy, dear readers. :))

Dial Miracle Oil Body Wash Review & Giveaway {3 Winners}

I forget just when I threw bar soap out the window but it was a long time ago. The whole idea of squeezing some foamy liquid onto a bath pouf just seems right...and the options of brands and scents are endless. For me, I tend to be a creature of habit and like to stick with one kind of body wash and of course, I have my favorite scents. Right now, I have a lovely floral/apple scented body wash in the shower and it isn't my favorite but sure does smell amazing! When I choose a body wash, I tend to lean towards flowery scents and also, something moisturizing. The winter weather can be so harsh on my skin, I get very dry. So having something nourishing that will encourage soft skin is a must.
Recently, I found out that Dial Soap has come out with a brand new body wash that is designed to clean, soften and smooth your skin.I love using Dial products both on myself and on my children so I was excited to find out more. This new body wash is called Dial Miracle Oil Body Wash and it contains a new Micro Oil Technology that rinses clean and leaves your skin feeling just amazing! Because I have no idea what Marula Oil is, I did some research. Here is what I found out...

Marula Oil is an all-natural, cold pressed, highly nutritious, light textured oil. Marula leaves and bark have wonderful properties but the skin care properties of natural Marula Oil are perhaps the best of all. This multipurpose oil contains powerful antioxidants, high concentrations of nutrients, minerals and essential fatty acids that protect against environmental aggressors, reverse photodamage, boost cellular activity, hydrate at the deepest levels and repair the skin. The anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties of Marula Oil reduce the need for preservatives. Marula Oil has a clear, pale, golden-brown color with a pleasant sweet aroma.

After reading this information, I think it is safe to say that Marula Oil is a fantastic choice when it comes to a body wash ingredient. It sounds simply amazing and natural...which is always a big plus for me.
So, for this review I was sent a full sized bottle of Dial Miracle Oil Body Wash. Whenever I get body wash in the mail, I always open it right away and smell it. Ask anyone who knows me...I love to smell things. :) This package was no exception. I opened it immediately and took a big whiff. Wow. It smelled totally awesome. I couldn't wait to try it out!
I tried to think of a way to describe the scent and the only smell I could think of was a lightly scented floral musk smell. It is sweet, a bit woody and freshly scented. If that makes sense. HAHA! I never shower before bed but I was so excited to try this out, that I jumped in the shower the other night. This body wash is a light amber color and works into a nice lather. It rinses off really easily and I don't feel like I have a soapy film on my body when I am done showering. The smell isn't my favorite, honestly, but it is a scent that I do enjoy occasionally. My skin is super dry right now and I haven't noticed a huge difference in how my skin feels but it definitely smells and looks great. 
So, my overall opinion of  Dial Miracle Oil Body Wash is positive. I love the generous sized bottle, the eye-catching colors, the performance and scent of this body wash. It has the potential to really help my skin feel and look better during these bitter cold months. If you want to try this new Body Wash out for yourself, you can find it at mass drug and retail stores across the country. 
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Disclaimer: As a Purex Insider, I received no monetary compensation for this post. Dial did provide me a free sample of their Dial Miracle Oil Body Wash  for review purposes. All quotes and stock photos are from the Dial website and email. Prizes are in coupon form and will be mailed by myself. This blog is not responsible for lost, damaged or stolen prizes and in this case, I am not responsible for replacing coupons under any circumstances.  All thoughts and opinions are 100% mine.