Kill Cliff Recovery Drink Review

I have been trying to work on some weight loss and although I haven't lost a ton of weight, I am definitely on the right track to feeling better about myself. When you are a busy mom, it is hard to focus on YOU and so often times, you forget about taking care of yourself. Well, I did juicing for a month and after all my produce froze in my garage refrigerator, I didn't continue that. We had such a cold winter, my fridge was freezing everything. So, my hubby ended up buying me an exercise bike and I spend about 1/2 hour a day on that (when I can of course) and really enjoy the exercise. One thing that is well known about any type of exercise is that you get thirsty and need hydration constantly. I keep a large water bottle on my bicycle and usually finish it completely during each workout session. I love exercising as it really helps me to feel better...not to mention how it boosts my weight-loss efforts.
Well, for those of you who workout at home, or for you who are gym regulars, I have something fun to share with you today! Kill Cliff is a company that offers Sports Recovery Drinks and Energy Bars to help keep you going while you are on the move! I had never heard of this company until recently and was excited to share them with you all. Here is a bit more about this company...

Kill Cliff, Inc was founded by a former Navy SEAL who grew tired of using motrin and caffeine-laden drinks to refuel his body after his daily workouts. He was convinced that energy drinks and sports drinks were all missing key components to actually aid in recovery. His idea was to reinvent sports nutrition by developing a true recovery drink made with premium functional ingredients in a specialized formulation that is both healthier and tastier. So he collaborated with top athletes and the best people in the beverage industry to formulate Kill Cliff.

Kill Cliff is a functional recovery drink made up of B, C, and E vitamins, electrolytes, and plant extracts including ginger root, green tea extract, and ginseng root powder as well as a unique enzyme blend. Kill Cliff aids in recovery and helps you feel awesome again through micronutrient replenishment and is best taken before, after or during a strenuous workout, or when you need to fight that not-so-awesome feeling. Kill Cliff is an alternative to other everyday beverage choices; no sugar, no artificial colors, no artificial flavors and only 15 calories! And it’s the perfect complement to macronutrient-based protein and carb recovery products. Kill Cliff also tastes AWESOME and just to be clear, it is NOT an energy drink.

It really helps back up a product when the founder is someone who knows all about physical exertion and the need to replenish the body after hard work. I love how a former Navy SEAL is the founder, any military personnel have my greatest respect.
So, for the purpose of this review I was sent a case of Kill Cliff Recovery Drinks to try out and I was definitely curious as to how they tasted!
My case contained six cans of Kill Cliff in the four available flavors. At only 20 calories per can and just 25mg of caffeine, these drinks are a nice alternative to high-calorie and heavily caffeinated energy drinks. I am NOT an energy drink fan simply because of all the caffeine and so these were perfect for me...because they are not energy drinks at all. I am also not drinking alot of caffeine right now because I breastfeed and don't want my baby getting alot of that so that is the other reason I liked these drinks.
The flavors that were included in my box were:

  • Tasty (Blood Orange)
  • Free Fall (Lemon-Lime)
  • Double Awesomeness (Pomegranate Watermelon)
  • Berry Legit (Blackberry Lemonade)

The Berry Legit is their newest flavor that they have just launched and it is very tasty! My husband and some of his friends tried out Kill Cliff, as did myself and my children. I only gave the children small sips to see how they liked it and to say that they just "liked" it would be an understatement. They LOVED it. My husband's friends enjoyed the flavor very much as well and found that while they didn't experience a "caffeine high", they still felt great after enjoying a can. Personally, I enjoyed the Free Fall the best. I love lemon lime flavored soda and this was a refreshing alternative to that.
So, I would have to say that the Kill Cliff energy drinks are amazing! I loved the flavors and the variety. You can find Kill Cliff Recovery Drinks at, as well as at Vitamin Shoppe and GNC stores nationwide. They retail for $2.99/can and $9.99-$10.99 for 4-packs. You can find Kill Cliff on Facebook as well to keep up with current news and photos! Kill Cliff has everything you need for a great workout and for keeping yourself feeling replenished and refreshed no matter what you are doing. Check them out today.

Disclaimer: I received no monetary compensation for this post.I did receive free Kill Cliff samples for review purposes. All quotes and stock photos are from the Kill Cliff website and email. All thoughts and opinions are 100% mine. 

NEW Kelloggs Family Rewards Codes!

I have some brand new Kelloggs Family Rewards Codes for you all today! I am still saving mine for something cool, not sure what that will be yet but I have over 18,000 points in my account. :) Thanks to these free codes, I can earn some extra, bonus points.  So, here are the new codes (expiration unknown)...enjoy!


FREE Ice Cream Cone at Ben & Jerry’s on 4/14


I scream, you scream, we ALL scream for ICE CREAM!!! YAY! I noticed today while driving through town that our local, small ice cream shops are open again for the season! That is such a great sign that spring is really here and we can actually get excited about summer coming. :)

So, if you have a Ben & Jerry's near you, I have a great deal to share with all of you! Here's the scoop (no pun intended...haha!)...

Get a FREE Ice Cream Cone at Ben & Jerry’s on April 14, 2015 from 12pm – 8pm. No coupon needed. As a way to thank our customers for their support and to celebrate 37 years of scooping the chunkiest, funkiest ice cream, frozen yogurt and sorbet, Ben & Jerry’s scoop shops are happily giving it away! Be sure to call your local Ben & Jerry’s to be sure they are participating.

Dial Miracle Oil Hand Soap Review & Giveaway


If you have been a reader here for any length of time, you will know that I LOVE the Dial company and I love scented hand soaps. Recently, I was given the opportunity to review Dial Miracle Oil Body Wash and was thrilled when I found out that there was a hand soap to match! How cool is that?!?
I have been really enjoying the Dial Miracle Oil Body Wash and have grown to love the scent. At first, I wasn't thrilled about the smell because it seemed very musky to me. I am not a fan of musk scents so it wasn't amazing but as I have been using it more and more, I have grown to really love it. This hand soap is no exception. Here is a bit more about the NEW Dial Miracle Oil Hand Soap...

Miracle Oil Hand Soap is infused with Marula Oil to nourish and deeply hydrate your skin while protecting it from skin-damaging free radicals.

It is just like the nourishing body wash! Ok, so in my post about the body wash I had to do some research about what exactly Marula Oil is and wanted to once again share with you what it is and what it does. It is amazing stuff!

Marula Oil is an all-natural, cold pressed, highly nutritious, light textured oil. Marula leaves and bark have wonderful properties but the skin care properties of natural Marula Oil are perhaps the best of all. This multipurpose oil contains powerful antioxidants, high concentrations of nutrients, minerals and essential fatty acids that protect against environmental aggressors, reverse photodamage, boost cellular activity, hydrate at the deepest levels and repair the skin. The anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties of Marula Oil reduce the need for preservatives. Marula Oil has a clear, pale, golden-brown color with a pleasant sweet aroma.

So now that we all know what this oil is, lets move on with my review. I was very excited to be a part of this review opportunity, and was even more excited to try out this new deep cleansing hand soap.
For this review I was sent a bottle of Dial Miracle Oil Hand Soap to try out! This soap is brand new to the Dial family and I have to say, it is a nice addition.
I love the shimmery look of the bottle, and it looks pretty sitting on my bathroom sink too. The pretty amber color of the soap, combined with the blues in the labeling are all very attractive and appealing. Having pretty soaps in my bathroom is important to me, as well as having a soap that is effective.
This soap is designed to moisturize and hydrate your skin, all while cleansing it thoroughly. Miracle Oil is infused with the Marula Oil and uses Micro-scrubber technology to help keep your skin from being damaged. The many times I have used this soap, I have not noticed my hands being dry. I wash my hands frequently (between the many nose-wiping and diaper changing activities in my house) and need a conditioning soap to keep my skin from being dried out.
All in all, I have been very pleased with this Marula Oil-Infused Hand Soap. It smells lovely and looks great on any sink in my house. Best of all, it cleanses my skin without drying it out. So, the next time you are out shopping for hand soap, be sure to check out this newest addition from Dial!
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Disclaimer: As a Purex Insider, I received no monetary compensation for this post. Dial did provide me a free sample of their Dial Miracle Oil Hand Soap for review purposes. All quotes and stock photos are from the Dial website and email. Prizes are in coupon form and will be mailed by myself. This blog is not responsible for lost, damaged or stolen prizes and in this case, I am not responsible for replacing coupons under any circumstances.  All thoughts and opinions are 100% mine.

Annmarie Skin Care Earth Minerals Multi-Purpose Foundation Review

Once upon a time, I was a woman who worked outside of my home. I had a job as an administrative assistant at a busy car dealership and loved my job. When I became pregnant with my first baby, I quit my job so I could be a stay at home mom to my daughter and I have never regretted that decision. When I was working, I remember loving getting dressed up for work, doing my hair and makeup and putting on my fancy shoes. Now, I get out of bed in the morning, shower, throw my hair up in some clips and hit the ground running. Boy do I miss those days sometimes. :) My busy life with four small children limits my ability to pamper myself and make myself look gorgeous every day but you doesn't mean that I can't TRY to look good once in awhile. Wearing makeup and doing my hair is something that I enjoy and being able to use natural products in my beauty routine is something that I enjoy even more!
I have worked with Annmarie Skin Care in the past and their wholesome, natural products are so amazing...I get excited every time they introduce a new product to their line! Today is no exception. They have recently released their newest member and I would love to introduce you to their Earth Minerals Multi-Purpose Foundation! Here is more about this foundation...

This makeup was created for people who want to give their complexion the perfect finish without compromising the health of their skin. We are so excited to introduce this new way to wear makeup! Our Multi-Purpose Foundation is a non-toxic way to tint your existing skin care routine. Our natural minerals allow you ​create a liquid foundation with the coverage you need — from a tinted glow to a flawless finish.

You choose your Facial Oil or Serum and Multi-Purpose Foundation color that’s best suited for your skin. Our mineral powders ​have been created to give you the coverage you want. For a deep foundation, use a little more powder with your oil or serum, and for a lighter finish, simply use less powder. Our mineral powders easily blend together, so that you can customize your own unique color blend, adjust with the seasons, or create unique looks. 100% pure mineral powders contain no additives and provide natural UV protection.

Annmarie's facial oils are exquisite...the scents are vibrant and earthy and they are so moisturizing. I have tried them in the past and was very impressed, they worked really well with my skin's chemistry. The Earth Minerals Foundation sounded wonderful and I was excited to check it out.
So, for this review I was sent a sample kit of the Earth Minerals Multi-Purpose Foundation. It doesn't look like much but really, a little goes a long way.
This sample kit is really great because it contains four different foundation colors so you can match the correct foundation to your skin type and color. This also means that you can share with other ladies that might be interested! Here, you can see all four mineral powders and the different colors that come with the kit. Here are the descriptions of the colors and what skin tone they would work best with...

Pearl Mineral Powder: (Fair to Peach Undertones) (⅓ dram)
Sand Mineral Powder: (Light with Yellow Undertones) (⅓ dram)
Honey Mineral Powder: (Medium) (⅓ dram)
Olive Mineral Powder: (Medium with Warm Undertones) (⅓ dram)

Along with the powders, there is a 1/2 dram of Herbal Facial Oil to mix with the powders to create the liquid foundation. Have I mentioned yet how much I LOVE the facial oil? is so amazing. :)
So, here is how you use this mineral makeup. First, tap a small amount of powder out into your hand. Then, add one or two pumps of oil. In this case, I added a few drops from the small bottle that came in my kit. Last of all, finger-mix the oil and the powder together and voila! You now have some amazing foundation to apply. I did use this foundation and found that because I am a fair skin tone, the pearl and the sand were the best choice for me. I don't like to look too white but I don't want to look like I have a different colored face from my neck. I don't want to look "painted". This foundation mixed so well and applied so smoothly, it is definitely something that I will be using again.
If you would like to check out these newest Earth Minerals from Annmarie Skin Care, be sure to visit their website and also, visit Annmarie on Facebook. Their beauty products are second to none and I personally love and use them. If you purchase this sample kit for $20, you are sent a $10 off coupon with your package so you can order something else that you love! You can also order full sized bottles of the Mineral Makeup as well. Be sure to visit Annmarie Skin Care today and revamp your beauty routine...naturally!

Disclaimer: I received no monetary compensation for this post.I did receive free Annmarie Makeup samples for review purposes. All quotes and stock photos are from the Annmarie Skin Care website and email. All thoughts and opinions are 100% mine. 

Purex Crystals ScentSplash Review & Giveaway {3 Winners}

Did I tell you all that I have a new (to me) washing machine?!? When we moved into this house two years ago, the bachelor who lived here left behind his washing machine. It was an old machine but it worked wonderfully. He also left behind a new Samsung dryer too. Yay! Anyway, the washing machine was a super capacity, heavy duty, and was excellent for doing large loads of laundry. Recently, I would go down to put clothes into the dryer and would find a washing machine full of clothes sitting in water. The spin cycles were not working automatically, I would have to go and turn the knob back around to the spin cycle. It was happening more and more and eventually, it was almost impossible to get it to work at all. I called a parts store to see if they had the timer I would need to fix the problem and unfortunately, the part was no longer made. Sooo, I ended up finding a new (used) washing machine that was an amazing replacement and I am now back in business! Being that I do laundry so much, it is important to have a reliable machine...and reliable detergent!
I have been reviewing Purex products for quite a while now and honestly, they have some of my favorite laundry products! Recently, they introduced their newest product and I am here to share it with you today! Purex Crystals ScentSplash is an in-wash fragrance booster that is now in liquid form. Here is more about this new scent booster...

Purex® Crystals ScentSplash™ is the next evolution in laundry in-wash fragrance boosters. It contains refreshing scent beads that release bursts of fragrance with irresistible freshness that lasts! This new Liquid Crystals formula is convenient and versatile enough to be used directly in the washer or in-wash tray, and is safe for all wash fabrics.

Because I am a Purex Insider, I was selected to receive a free bottle of Purex Crystals ScentSplash to try out and I am so excited to tell you all about it.
So, for this review I was sent the Purex Crystals ScentSplash Fresh Lavender Blossom. There are also two other scents available: Fresh Spring Waters and Fresh Mountain Breeze (which is my favorite Purex detergent scent). This bottle is not as large as the Purex Crystals bottle but that is simply because you need very little of this in-wash fragrance booster to get beautifully scented laundry.
One thing that I love about all of the products that I receive from Purex is that you can add them to the wash cycle at the beginning of the cycle. This in-wash fragrance booster works the same way. You throw your laundry into the washing machine, add your detergent and then add the scent booster. That's it! I don't have time to run down to my basement multiple times to add things to the washing machine mid-cycle so this is super convenient. Purex Crystals ScentSplash is cloudy in appearance, and contains scent the liquid a semi-lumpy look when pouring. As far as the scent goes, don't need much at all. It is powerful and honestly, I can get away with about 1/4 of a cap full. I love the lavender blossom scent too! It smells fresh, clean and very flowery.
So, am I happy to have this newest addition join my family of laundry products? Absolutely!! I love adding fragrance to my laundry (especially my towels and bed linens) and adding a cup of liquid freshness to each load has never been easier. This newest product from Purex will be hitting store shelves this month so keep your eyes peeled, you won't want to miss it!
I have been given three coupons to give away for FREE Purex Crystals ScentSplash so be sure to enter the giveaway below. Thanks for reading!!
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Disclaimer: As a Purex Insider, I received no monetary compensation for this post. Purex did provide me a free sample of their Purex Crystals ScentSplash for review purposes. All quotes and stock photos are from the Puerx website and email. Prizes are in coupon form and will be mailed by myself. This blog is not responsible for lost, damaged or stolen prizes and in this case, I am not responsible for replacing coupons under any circumstances.  All thoughts and opinions are 100% mine.

Gorgeous Girl's Costumes from Birthday in a Box!

As a mom of two little girls, I am looking forward to the years when they can both play dress up together. Of course, my youngest daughter is only 8 months old so she has a while to wait. However, my older daughter is 6 1/2 and LOVES to dress up! We home school and I cannot tell you how many days she has come to school dressed up as a queen or princess. This past Christmas, we bought her a lovely princess costume from a consignment sale and she adores it...wears it all the time! I also love having pretty costumes around for when her little friends come over to visit. She has a few costumes now so it is fun for her friends and her to dress up together!
Birthday in a Box is a company that offers costumes of all genres. Whether you are looking for Renaissance Costumes, birthday party costumes or just fun costumes for dress up play, this company has you completely covered! They also offer birthday party supplies and supplies for other types of parties. This is the season of spring and you can bet that they have a large, lovely selection of spring party kits. I was very excited to have the opportunity of reviewing something from Birthday in a Box and for this review, I chose to review the Renaissance Queen Kids Costume. I absolutely loved the look of this costume and couldn't wait for it to arrive.
This lovely costume arrived recently and my daughter was beyond excited to try it on! The material is a soft, velvety feel material and has a shiny look to it. The underlying white material has criss-crossed gold threads that accent the blue beautifully.
My little girl was also really excited because this costumes comes with a lovely crown! It is made of plastic and has a large, plastic "diamond" on it but looks realistic enough and she absolutely loves it.
Some of the other features are a removable necklace, which looks like a four-stranded pearl necklace, attached by plastic diamond broaches. The collar is lovely as well, because it is a stand-up design. Now, I will mention here a few issues I had with this dress. Upon arrival, one of the pins that holds the necklace on the dress had fallen apart and I had to fix it or it wouldn't have worked properly. The other issue was one of the plastic diamonds on one of the broaches fell off within one day of wear. My daughter wasn't playing roughly with the dress to make this happen but a little glue fixed it just fine. So, quality wise - it seems cheaply made. For dress up play, it is acceptable and works great but I don't believe that it will hold up great over time.
Now for the fun part. :) My daughter wore this dress all day for about 2 days. She wouldn't take it off and swirled and twirled all over my house. She LOVES it! It is long enough for her that it looks like she has a small train on the dress and she thinks that she looks so fancy. It has definitely been a fun costume for her to wear and she looks so cute in it.
I do recommend this costume to anyone who is looking for a fun dress for a little girl, It comes in the following sizes: Small (6-8), Medium (8-10), Large (10-12). I chose the medium and it is a tad big for my 6 1/2 year old daughter but that is fine because she can grow into it. I am hoping that it holds up for a few more years so it can be used by my other daughter as well! To see this and other fun costumes, be sure to visit Birthday in a Box and also, Like Birthday in a Box on Facebook. I love this costume and you can bet that my daughter does too!!

Disclaimer: I received no monetary compensation for this post. I did receive a free costume for review purposes. All quotes and stock photos are from the Birthday in a Box website and email. All thoughts and opinions are 100% mine.

Happy Resurrection Sunday

I wanted to take a minute and wish all of you a very wonderful and blessed Resurrection Sunday today. It isn't about chocolate, colored eggs, bunnies, flowers or baby ducklings. It's about a CROSS. It's about a TOMB that is empty and it is about a SAVIOUR that is ALIVE today! Please remember the real reason to celebrate this day and thank God for his amazing gift of salvation, full and free for all those who believe. 

Blessings to you all today and always!

A Funny For Today :)

Found this goodie today and HAD to share with my fellow chocoholics. YESSSS! I am so justified in eating that chocolate. :))) Happy Saturday everyone! 

FREE Can of Friskies Tasty Treasures Accented With Real Bacon (Coupon)

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