GoGargle Review & Giveaway {$20 CVS Gift Card & GoGargle Tablets!}

It has been quite a year for the flu, hasn't it? My family has managed to avoid nearly every bug that we have encountered and I attribute that to our use of Elderberry Syrup amongst other natural remedies. I cringed when I heard that the flu shot this year pretty much missed the major strain that would be going around and I hoped and prayed that we would avoid it. Being that we home school and don't go out and about much is also probably why we haven't been sick but when we do get sick, I can pretty much plan on being down and out for about 2 weeks. We had a flu bug the beginning of December and that took about 2 weeks to completely run through everyone. Being a mom of little ones, the flu is a dreaded enemy of our house and I hate it when my little ones are sick.
Since we are all stuck in the middle of flu season we might as well get used to the fact that we will probably come down with something and have our medicines and remedies ready for use. One thing that I deal with on a semi-regular basis is a dry, scratchy throat. It isn't always because I am sick, but rather something that comes with drier weather and being indoors alot. Having something natural and easy to use is a must and also, having something that is specifically for sore throats is helpful too. This is where GoGargle comes in. I recently became acquainted with this product and was really interested in trying it out. Here is a fun, brief introduction to GoGargle...

Invented by January. On a night in February.

It was a dark and stormy Winter’s eve, about three years ago, when Tim O’Connor swallowed a cactus. Well, not really. But that’s what it felt like in the back of his throat: Dry, prickly, and irritated.

Being uncommonly resourceful, his wife, January, brought forth a lovingly concocted blend of salt water, honey, chamomile, aloe, and mint. “Go. Gargle.” she said.

He did. And when he was done, the cactus in the back of his throat was nowhere to be found.

Fast forward to today. That same “loving concoction” of soothing ingredients has been carefully compressed into a convenient effervescent tablet. And now Tim and January want to share GoGargle!™ with the world. Perfect at work, home, or anywhere your dry, irritated throat begs for soothing relief.

Haha. Swallowed a cactus. :) Been there, done that. :) Anyway, I have heard of using honey  and salt water for irritated throats but never those other ingredients that were mentioned. Because I am an all-natural type of gal, I was thrilled for the opportunity to try out GoGargle for myself.
So, for this review I was sent a box of GoGargle to try out, as well as a $20 CVS Gift Card so I can go out and buy some more when I run out. :)
GoGargle comes in a really compact, handy container that will fit easily into your work bag, diaper bag, purse, glove box and any other place you need it to fit. Easily transportable, it is likewise easy to use.
Each tablet smells minty fresh and is roughly about the size of a quarter. They look like large, white mints. My son thought they were candy so make sure you keep them out of reach of little people...we don't want them eating them like candy. :) Might not taste that great, plus you don't want to swallow these.
All you do to use GoGargle is drop one tablet into a glass of warm water and wait until the fizzing stops. Once the tablet is totally dissolved (you will know when the fizzing stops) you can then start your gargling. Simply gargle the liquid and spit it out until all the liquid is gone. I had a slightly scratchy throat the other day and this was SO soothing. It wasn't overpowering and I could taste all the comforting flavors.
Salt is cleansing, healing, and anti-inflammatory which is what makes GoGargle so amazing. Combined with the other soothing ingredients, you have the perfect remedy for your sore, scratchy, dry throat. I truly enjoyed reviewing GoGargle and will definitely be sharing this with my family and friends. This is a must-have for anyone during cold and flu season. :)
So, you can try GoGargle one of two ways. First, you can purchase GoGargle and enjoy $1 off coupon (you can also get this coupon through the Checkout51 app as well) or you can enter to WIN your very own bottle of GoGargle, as well as a $20 CVS Gift Card by entering my giveaway right here! Here are your simple entry options...
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Disclaimer: I received no monetary compensation for this post. I did receive free GoGargle products and Gift Card for review purposes. All quotes and stock photos are from the GoGargle website and email. Prize is being provided and shipped by the sponsor. This blog is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged prizes. All thoughts and opinions are 100% mine.

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Well. Happy New Year everyone! I realize that I am a bit late with this greeting but either way, I hope your new year is going exactly as you hoped it would.
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Blessings!!  SEE YOU SOON!!!

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