Media Kit

What Mommy's Reviews Provides for Companies
- Through product reviews, sponsored posts and other advertising, I will help bring traffic to your website and social media platforms.
- Honest opinions in the form of at least 400+  word posts with large pictures, social media links, and company background information.
- No follow links to your website of your choice, product link, and social media website of your choice.
- Original photos, I take all of my own photos and they are mine exclusively unless otherwise required by the hosting company. I will add stock photos from the hosting company's website...typically one or two within the post.

Who Reviews Products at Mommy's Reviews?
- All products are reviewed by my family and I, unless I specify otherwise

Reviewing/Giveaway Terms:
- Shipping costs are the responsibility of the sponsoring company and products will not be returned for any reason.  I ask that the company also directly ships to the winner if I am doing a giveaway.
- Each review will be posted on my blog within 1-4 weeks of receiving the item(s), unless otherwise agreed upon.
- Reviews stay on my blog permanently. If you want links removed from a post (the post itself will not be removed as it goes against my blog), I require a $25 fee or link will NOT be removed.
- Link to the review will be provided once it goes live.
- Review items must be FULL SIZE (no samples) unless otherwise agreed upon.
- If you'd like to do a giveaway without a review item, I require a $25 fee for promotional reasons that is due before I will make the giveaway live on my blog.
-I do NOT use items I receive for review as giveaway prizes...prizes must be provided by the sponsoring company.
-If there is something significant about the review product that I find I do not like and it would reflect negatively on your company, I would notify you prior to writing my post so we could hopefully work things out.

Press Releases, Announcements and Special Events Posts
Mommy's Reviews is happy to promote your special events, giveaways, press releases and other family friendly items on our blog. All posts will be subject to a promotional fee of $25. If you have something you would like me to share with my readers, please contact me for further information!

How are the reviews promoted?
I post all of my reviews on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

My giveaways are promoted on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and