Our Family LOVES to Play Outside!!!

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We live in upstate NY and that means one thing. We have seasons!! Each season holds a unique weather pattern and each pattern allows for some really fun outdoor activities! I think it would be difficult for me to move to a different state that doesn't have the 4 seasons as I just love the changing from each season to the next. For instance, in the winter time we love to ski, go sledding and have snowball fights. I would seriously miss that if we lived in Florida.

I think our favorite season of all has to be the summer and fall time. The things you can do outside far outweigh the activities that you are limited to in the winter months. My children are both at ages where they are starting to enjoy being outside and want to be outside from sun up to sun down. Jacob is not walking yet, so he sits on his bottom and scootches from one location to the other. He moves pretty quickly too!! Hannah only knows how to run...seriously. So, she is all over the place. One activity that we have enjoyed doing this summer is playing Frisbee. Now, I am NOT an athletic person at all and can't throw anything. So, our first few attempts at Frisbee ended miserably...our daughter was constantly being lifted over the neighbor's fence to retrieve the Frisbee that mommy threw uncontrollably. Yes, it was bad. But, I have gotten better and we have some pretty good times in the evening while we are enjoying the nice weather.
Another outdoor activity that we love is walking. I cannot tell you just how many miles we have put on our stroller. We live in the town so we have lots of sidewalks and parks to visit, so this makes our walks exciting for the children as they know that we will stop at a park on the way home. We have made some wonderful memories at the park and our children just LOVE to go there.
During the fall, all the leaves turn to beautiful colors and then fall. As a child I remember raking HUGE piles of leaves and jumping off the porch into them. What fun we had!! Now that I have children, I want to share that joy with them. So, this will be our first official year of actually "jumping" into the leaves. As you can see from last year, Hannah enjoyed helping rake and put the leaves into bags. But this year will be a whole new year of fun and excitement for her!!

If you don't spend alot of time outside with your family, I would encourage you to do so. Clorox has a pledge that you can take to say that you WILL spend more time outside! Go to Clorox2 Play 2Day Pledge Hub and sign up today!! You family will thank you and you will be making memories that will last a lifetime!!

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