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God's World News: God's Big World Magazine Review

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As a parent of three small children, I am VERY careful about the books and magazines that they read. Because books are so interesting to them, I try to have a nice variety on hand to keep them stimulated and entertained. Something that has become important to me over the past few years is making sure my children's books are educational. My oldest just turned five in August and she is an absolute sponge...everything she hears she remembers and it works the same way for what she reads. She is in Kindergarten and honestly, she is a wonderful pupil primarily because her retention ability is wonderful. So, now that she is getting older I am trying to find age-appropriate reading material for her.
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I was thrilled with the opportunity to conduct a review for God's World News and more specifically, their magazine that is geared towards the Pre-K & K crowd. This particular edition of their magazine is called God's Big World. This magazine is totally appropriate for my five year old and when it arrived in the mail, we were all very excited to check it out.
So, for the purpose of this review I was sent three issues of God's World News: God's Big World, a full year online membership to the website and also a large, colorful wall map for use with the magazines.
The first thing I noticed is that there are two covers to the that would have your shipping info on it and another inside that actually has the title cover for whichever magazine you choose to receive. Speaking of which, you can pick from six different magazines which cover age ranges from Pre-K to High School. As you can see above, this is the actual cover for God's Big World. I just love the colorful and detailed is very eye-catching for the young reader!
Some of the highlights of what this magazine includes are age-appropriate stories that help children relate to the current events that are circulating through the news, simple concepts, large and beautiful pictures, activities and puzzles as well as coloring pages. For example, one of our editions covered the recent birth of the newest Prince in England! This was a fun event for me to follow and it was really fun to show and explain it to my daughter. Babies are always SO fun and she enjoyed learning about him.
My daughter has really been enjoying doing the activities found throughout the magazine as well. Always in full color, these activities have actually been coinciding with what we are doing in school...learning opposites, learning first, second and third (which is what the photo above depicts) and other things. She never really liked to color much but I have "caught" her on several occasions with her crayons working diligently on coloring pages from the magazine. :) So cute.
Personally, I am LOVING the 20" X 30" world is very colorful and easy to read. We haven't done much with geography yet as we are just in the early months of Kindergarten but I am enjoying the idea of being able to introduce Hannah to the map. Using this map along with the magazines is so much's why: 
On the bottom right hand corner of the map, there are directions on how to use this map. News stories within the magazine have a "MAP-IT" logo to help you find the location that is being talked about in the story! I think this is so good for children to have because it helps them to locate the story area on the map and understand better what is going on.  
In these two photos, the news story is in the left hand gives you the coordinates on the map and when I went to the map, I found the story that is being reported is located in Namibia. With older children, it could be so simple and highly educational for them to look up on the map the specific locations. 
My daughter absolutely loves these magazines. I have both read them to her and have let her peruse through them on her own. She calls them HER magazines and I just love watching her read. Check out her focus! :) One other thing I thought I would mention is that the news stories found in this magazine have a christian perspective to them, which is nice. I did notice that the Bible passages that are given throughout the magazine are not KJV, which is the version that I prefer so if that is something that I would have liked to see done differently. I know that the publishers cannot please everyone but personally, I do prefer to give my children materials that use the KJV Bible. It is so nice though to read news stories with a christian slant to them!
God's World News retails for $28 for a one-year subscription, which would be 10 issues delivered monthly, except May and December. They also have a new membership program through which you can access online magazines with your print subscription. You can also access fun history, science and creation articles to read with your children as well as find some really great activities to do online. This feature has been a really awesome addition to God's World News and I am looking forward to showing my daughter some of the activities and articles.

So, be sure you check out this magazine if you have children in your can help to educate them on current events as well as give them some fun activities to do. We are loving our subscription here and would definitely recommend it to anyone! Check out what other bloggers had to say about God's World News by clicking the banner below.

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  1. Sounds like an interesting magazine. I also prefer KJV, but in things like these magazines I usually just get the children to look up the verses in KJV and compare them to see why we don't use other versions.


  2. I never knew such an awesome magazine existed. How wonderful that there is a good wholesome magazine out there for kids and that your daughter liked her magazine with all the activities. It is so important to teach our children important things in a way they like. Your daughter is so cute!


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