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Children's Advil Fever Relief Kit Review

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I don't know about you but we have had a pretty healthy winter here. We had a really bad flu bug that hit mid-January that sent my middle child to the ER with a 105.4 fever and laid the rest of us out for an entire week but since then, we have been healthy. No colds or sniffles to be found! I pretty much give the credit to the Elderberry Syrup that I make and give to the children daily...Elderberry is such an amazing immune booster and I wish I had made it in years past. This is our first winter with it and honestly, I have noticed a big difference in the health of my family. Anyway, I say we have been healthy but my youngest, who will be 2 in several weeks, has been cutting all four of his eye teeth and man oh man---he has been a cranky little guy! Fevers and fussiness are my first clue that teeth are coming in and as a mom, this is the worst part about raising babies and toddlers. Teething. :(  Needless to say, we go through a ton of infant fever relief medicine around here but since he is getting bigger, we have been switching to small doses of Children's fever relief medicine.
I can honestly say that as a mom, I have never used Children's Advil. I am a creature of habit and once I find one product that works well for me, I stick with it and don't change. However, when given the opportunity to try out some Children's Advil, I was interested to see how it would work in comparison to my usual medication of choice.
So, for the purpose of this review I was sent a Children's Advil Fever Relief Kit and I was super excited to check it out! Inside of my kit I found...

  • Children’s Advil® samples in Bubble Gum, Blue Raspberry and Dye-free White Grape
  • Children’s Advil® coupon
  • Coloring books and crayons
  • Tissues
  • Toy doctor kit 
Oddly enough and without me knowing it, this kit came at a perfect time. Isaac (my almost-two year old) had been cranky for a few days. I had been managing his pain with his regular medicine and it was working for him but he was still cranky. 
So, on the day that my package arrived I immediately opened one of the Children's Advil bottles and measured out a dose that would be appropriate for him. The flavor I chose to try was the Blue Raspberry. 
Well, it must have been pretty tasty because he slurped it down quite quickly. :) He seemed much happier as the day wore on and the medicine did last a full 8 hours for him. By the middle of the night, he was ready for more. Fast forward to a few days later, my middle son woke up with a fever and a cough. I let him rest for awhile and waited to see if the fever went away on it's own but when I saw it climbing, I got out the Children's Advil and gave him a dose. He is 45 pounds so he can have more than his brother. It worked well for him too and his fever went down and he ended up with an awful chest cold. THEN, my daughter woke up the following morning with vomiting and a fever. She was much sicker than the others so I just tried to keep her hydrated and whatever she ate it came back up. Her normal fever medication wouldn't stay in her tummy so I waited until the evening and then gave her some of the Children's Advil and that stayed down. I was very glad that it worked for her and she has been getting better and better every day. 
The toy doctor kit was a HUGE hit with my kids. That was the highlight of this whole package and if they had their way, it would have been the highlight of this review. 
It was VERY hard to get them to share this kit...especially when big sister went to take care of her dollies. My littlest guy loved the play even had a button he could push to hear a heartbeat sound! He loved that. I played with them as well and laid on the couch, moaning and telling them I was sick and needed help so I could feel better. Before I knew what was happening, all three of them were next to me...wrapping the blood pressure cuff around my wrist (because that was the only place it would fit) and sticking things in my ears, mouth and nose. It was interesting to say the least but they had fun. :)
If you would like, please check out the Children’s Advil® Feel Better Activity Center located on the Children’s Advil® Facebook page: There are quite a few fun activities there to keep your little one occupied while they are under the weather. Let me know what you think!

So, we love the Children's Advil Fever Relief Kit we received. It is getting much use and I am very appreciative for the opportunity I was given to try out the Children's Advil. When I run out, I will definitely be purchasing some more as I found it to be very effective. Check out Children's Advil today and see what products they carry that will best fit your family's needs!

Disclaimer: I received no monetary compensation for this post. The Children’s Advil® product and information have been provided by Pfizer Consumer Healthcare. All quotes and stock photos are from the Children's Advil websites and email. All thoughts and opinions are 100% mine. 

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  1. Although you hope they never get sick, kids will from time to time. A kit like this is helpful to have on hand for those times.

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  2. Children's Advil Fever Relief Kit is wonderful for children! I always purchase Advil and it does help me as well as my kids with fevers and pain.
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