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Bil Jac Farmer's Bounty Dog Food Review

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When my oldest child was a year old, we decided we wanted a puppy. We wanted a dog that would be great with children, a good temperament and easy to care for. Well, after some research we decided on a Golden Retriever and bought our pure-bred Golden Retriever, Lily from a reputable breeder in Ohio. She was an amazing puppy but grew quickly and required much attention. About a month after we brought Lily home, we found out that we were expecting our second baby and I quickly realized that I had  my hands incredibly full. When Lily was six months old, we determined that because our home was tiny and we couldn't focus on Lily as much as we needed to and as much as SHE needed us to, we found a new home for her. It was sad to say goodbye, but knowing that we made a decision in both hers and our best interest made it a bit easier. Now, we don't have a dog anymore but we frequently visit my inlaws and enjoy their two Black Labradors - Harley and Lady. We have known these dogs since my inlaws got them and my daughter has basically grown up with them. All of our children love the dogs and the dogs love is a great set up for us and we have enjoyed watching our children interact with these two dogs.
When we had our dog, we always tried to find the best food for her. There are so many brands and types of food out there, we just went with what we thought was best. Bil Jac Farmer's Bounty is a dog food company that offers wholesome and healthy dog food for your dog and I wanted to share a bit about this company with you today! Before I continue though, here is a bit more about this company's history...

Our Dad, Bill, and Uncle Jack started the Bil-Jac Dog Food Company on our Ohio family farm in 1947. Today, we are still a family run company, using wholesome ingredients and carefully crafting our food, batch by batch. Dad’s nutritional principles are as true today as they ever were:

• Dogs thrive on foods made with real chicken and
  other wholesome ingredients.
• How dog food is prepared is as important as the
  freshness and quality of the ingredients.
• Dogs should love their food!
So, for this review I was sent a small bag of Bil Jac Farmer's Bounty Adult Recipe Dog Food. This dog food is batch made and contains wholesome nutrients that are cooked with controlled heat.

Farmer's Bounty Dog Food's Adult Recipe is chock-full of nutritionally wholesome ingredients, starting with 3 pounds of fresh, cage-free chicken used to make a 4 pound bag.

High-quality steam rolled oats are added to help supply energy and soluble fiber. We accent our recipe with a bounty of other wholesome ingredients to help ensure your dog gets 100% complete and balanced nutrition to help him thrive.

We take extra care in making each batch of Farmer's Bounty Dog Food. We carefully control the batch cooking process to help protect the nutrition and flavor from too much heat. It takes more time and effort to make such a unique food, but your dog will agree it's worth it.

Honestly, when I first opened the bag I thought the food looked just like rabbit food. It definitely doesn't have a dog food "look" like I am used to. That's not a bad was just different.
Because I don't have a dog anymore, I decided to let Harley and Lady be the judges on this food. We were going out to visit my inlaws and so I took the food along, hoping for an opportunity for my taste testers to sample this food from Bil Jac.
Well, as I was pouring the food into their bowls, the dogs were VERY excited to try it and my poor mother in law had to hold them back. When it was time to taste it, both dogs eagerly and QUICKLY devoured every piece of food that was in their bowls. Was it a hit with them? Absolutely. Did they love the food? Without a doubt. :)

So, I was very excited to have the opportunity to review this dog food with Harley and Lady. They sure did enjoy it and there was nothing left over when they were done. If you are shopping around for a new dog food for your dog or are just looking to try something different, make sure you check out Bil Jac Farmer's Bounty. You can find them on Facebook and also, you can enter your zip code to find a store near you that carries this brand.

Disclaimer: I received no monetary compensation for this post. I did receive free product for review purposes. All quotes and stock photos are from the Bil Jac Farmer's Bounty websites and email. All thoughts and opinions are 100% mine.

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