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11:25 AM

I have recently began collecting Kelloggs Family Rewards Points, which can be found on the inside of Kellogg's packaging. There are also free books that you can get from Scholastic through Kelloggs and I have taken advantage of those rewards as well. So, if you don't already, you can collect Kelloggs Family Reward Points and start saving for some awesome rewards! Books, coupons and other great rewards can be yours for free.

Here's how it works and some bonus codes to get you started...

To get NEW FREE Kelloggs Family Rewards Points Code – login or register to enter codes listed below. With your points you can get some fantastic rewards here. As soon as more codes become available we will be sure to post more updates.

WHEATUPORSWEETUP – 25 points (posted on 10/4)
KFRDISCOVERYTOYS – 50 points (posted on 9/29)
DEERVALLEYSWEEPS – 50 points (posted on 9/28)
SNACKTIMESHUFFLE – 100 points (posted on 9/25)
THROWBACKBONUS50 – 50 points (posted on 9/18)
CEREALANDMILKABC – 50 points (posted on 8/8)
BACKTOSCHOOL2014 – 50 points (posted on 7/21)
GETFUELFORSCHOOL – 50 points (posted on 7/09)
NUTRITIONINABOWL – 50 points (posted on 6/24)
SPRINGONTHECOLOR – 20 points (posted on 4/2)
SPIDEYEXCITEMENT – 20 points (posted on 3/31)
EARNSWEETREWARDS – 50 points (posted on 1/7)
KFRSHARETHANKS20 = 20 Points (posted on 1/2)
EARNGREATREWARDS = 20 points (posted on 12/30)
GIFTOFMUSICBONUS – 20 points (posted on 10/26)
HOWITWORKS20PNTS – 20 points

From time to time they will also email out bonus codes. You can also purchase specially marked Kellogg’s Family Rewards products like cereal, crackers, and snacks (participating products and their point values) and enter the 16 digit code found inside the item to earn points. You can redeem your rewards to get Coupons, Discounts, Gift Cards, Sweepstakes & Instant Wins, Books, Music, Magazines, Electronics, Toys & Games, Housewares/Kitchen and Apparel & Gear.

I will post codes as I get them...enjoy!

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