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Gorgeous Girl's Costumes from Birthday in a Box!

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As a mom of two little girls, I am looking forward to the years when they can both play dress up together. Of course, my youngest daughter is only 8 months old so she has a while to wait. However, my older daughter is 6 1/2 and LOVES to dress up! We home school and I cannot tell you how many days she has come to school dressed up as a queen or princess. This past Christmas, we bought her a lovely princess costume from a consignment sale and she adores it...wears it all the time! I also love having pretty costumes around for when her little friends come over to visit. She has a few costumes now so it is fun for her friends and her to dress up together!
Birthday in a Box is a company that offers costumes of all genres. Whether you are looking for Renaissance Costumes, birthday party costumes or just fun costumes for dress up play, this company has you completely covered! They also offer birthday party supplies and supplies for other types of parties. This is the season of spring and you can bet that they have a large, lovely selection of spring party kits. I was very excited to have the opportunity of reviewing something from Birthday in a Box and for this review, I chose to review the Renaissance Queen Kids Costume. I absolutely loved the look of this costume and couldn't wait for it to arrive.
This lovely costume arrived recently and my daughter was beyond excited to try it on! The material is a soft, velvety feel material and has a shiny look to it. The underlying white material has criss-crossed gold threads that accent the blue beautifully.
My little girl was also really excited because this costumes comes with a lovely crown! It is made of plastic and has a large, plastic "diamond" on it but looks realistic enough and she absolutely loves it.
Some of the other features are a removable necklace, which looks like a four-stranded pearl necklace, attached by plastic diamond broaches. The collar is lovely as well, because it is a stand-up design. Now, I will mention here a few issues I had with this dress. Upon arrival, one of the pins that holds the necklace on the dress had fallen apart and I had to fix it or it wouldn't have worked properly. The other issue was one of the plastic diamonds on one of the broaches fell off within one day of wear. My daughter wasn't playing roughly with the dress to make this happen but a little glue fixed it just fine. So, quality wise - it seems cheaply made. For dress up play, it is acceptable and works great but I don't believe that it will hold up great over time.
Now for the fun part. :) My daughter wore this dress all day for about 2 days. She wouldn't take it off and swirled and twirled all over my house. She LOVES it! It is long enough for her that it looks like she has a small train on the dress and she thinks that she looks so fancy. It has definitely been a fun costume for her to wear and she looks so cute in it.
I do recommend this costume to anyone who is looking for a fun dress for a little girl, It comes in the following sizes: Small (6-8), Medium (8-10), Large (10-12). I chose the medium and it is a tad big for my 6 1/2 year old daughter but that is fine because she can grow into it. I am hoping that it holds up for a few more years so it can be used by my other daughter as well! To see this and other fun costumes, be sure to visit Birthday in a Box and also, Like Birthday in a Box on Facebook. I love this costume and you can bet that my daughter does too!!

Disclaimer: I received no monetary compensation for this post. I did receive a free costume for review purposes. All quotes and stock photos are from the Birthday in a Box website and email. All thoughts and opinions are 100% mine.

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