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Hello everyone!! I hope you are doing well. I have been MIA lately and feel bad about leaving you all hanging. I had Carpal Tunnel Surgery on my right hand a little over a week ago and thought I would be able to at least use my fingers on that hand but, things didn't go as planned. Surgery was successful and everything went great but I was a bit more debilitated than I thought I would be. However, I am now able to type again and have been going to physical therapy so my hand feels brand new! It is great to be able to feel my fingers again. Ahhh. :)

Then, just when I thought everything was in the clear, two of my children came down with a 24 hour stomach flu. Oh man. I hate the stomach flu and this one wasn't horrible, but enough to keep me running with laundry, puke buckets and cool washcloths for feverish foreheads. The two that were sick are pretty much well now and so I am disinfecting and trying to keep the rest of us healthy. Hopefully we are in the clear now.
By the way, in case I have never told you, I LOVE Elderberry Syrup when it comes to colds and the flu. It seriously is amazing. We just came out of a horrible cold/flu season and our family didn't get as much as a sniffle through the entire winter. I have been using Elderberry Syrup with this bug that has been here and I think that is why some of us are still healthy. I am sort of kicking myself though because I hadn't been giving anyone elderberry syrup and then BAM---sick. Lesson learned. Elderberry Syrup will be continued throughout the summer. In case you are interested, here is my recipe...

Elderberry Syrup

1. Measure 1 cup of elderberries. You can also add in cinnamon, ginger, cloves, etc. (1/2 tsp. of each desired spice) 

2. Place berries, spices and 4 cups water in a sauce pan. 

3. Bring to a boil and then SIMMER for 30 minutes.

4. Strain the berries, save the liquid and discard the cooked berries.

5. Cool until lukewarm, then add 1/2 cup raw honey.

6. Once mixed well, place in a glass jar and store in fridge. (You can add the juice of one lemon to increase refrigerator time)

Adults can take 1 Tbsp a day and children 1 tsp a day.
For children under 2, make without honey. 

So, there are my excuses for the lack of blogging. :) I have LOADS of amazing reviews that are going to be coming so please stay tuned. You won't be sorry. :))) Happy Sunday, everyone!!

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  1. Hope all of you are feeling better and recovered! Best wishes and I love the little doggie picture.
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