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Ahhh...another food post. :) I love reviewing snacks and different types of foods...I am always, ALWAYS searching for new foods to try. Anyway, many of you know this already but I have been on a pretty epic fitness journey since mid-October. I was tired of my body being big, tired of wearing massively huge clothes, tired of my joints aching and hurting all the time from the excess weight and just plain TIRED. So, I took control of myself and started a fitness journey that has changed my life and rocked my world. Eating better and eating clean has been the story of my life and since October, I have pretty much eliminated processed sugars from my diet. I still enjoy sweets on occasion but for the most part, I am a clean eater. Fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains and meats is basically what my diet consists of now and I have never been happier. :)
This next company is one that not only makes snacking healthy, it also makes snacking FUN! What mom doesn't love to give her children fun snacks? My children are snackers so we try to fuel their bodies with nothing but the best...which is why I am so excited about Crispy Fruit! Crispy Fruit is a product from a company called Crispy Green and basically, it is freeze-dried fruit and nothing but fruit!! Here's a bit more about Crispy Green...

Providing nutritious and delicious snacks to consumers of all ages is what Crispy Green is all about. Each bag of Crispy Fruit contains a single ingredient, Fruit! The experience, taste and quality of every bite is backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee that includes our no-questions-asked, hassle-free return policy.

Simply put, our Crispy Fruit is the perfect way to satisfy your snack cravings while adding more fruit to your diet - all without additives or preservatives. Our sophisticated freeze-drying process removes the water from fresh fruit, leaving behind the fruit's true essence in a light and crispy texture. 

Crispy Fruit is the perfect snack-time treat right out of the bag so you can enjoy healthy, real fruit anytime!

I was very excited when Crispy Green contacted me about reviewing their Crispy Fruit and I couldn't wait for my goodies to healthy goodies, that is. :)
So, for this review I was sent an assortment of Crispy Fruit to try. The varieties range from everything like apples and mangoes, to Asian pears and Tangerines. I was really surprised at what could be freeze dried...I had no idea that tangerines could be crispy!!
Each bag of Crispy Fruit contains pieces of freeze dried fruit and each bite is loaded with a satisfying crunch and bursts with flavor. The bags are also the perfect size for on the go snacking or for tossing in your child's lunch box. The only thing that would be better would be a resealable bag...that would be awesome! 
This fruit looks like it was picked fresh and dried immediately...the colors are still vibrant in each piece and the flavor is wonderful. I think my favorite fruit was the pineapple. I love anything pineapple and enjoying it dried was sooo fun! When I offered this Crispy Fruit to my children, they were apprehensive at first but once they saw me eating it, they dove right in. Only one of my children didn't like them but the rest thought they were wonderful! I love giving these to my 19 month old, she really loves them as a snack before meal times. And, feeding my children snacks that I feel good about is soooo amazing. 
There are seven flavors of Crispy Fruit for you to choose from: Apples, Mangoes, Asian Pears, Bananas, Cantaloupes, Pineapples and Tangerines. That is an awesome variety and will be sure to please any fruit-lover's palate. You can purchase Crispy Fruit at retail food chain stores across the find a Crispy Fruit retailer near you, visit their store locator page and click on the state in which you live. You can also purchase online as well. 

So, my family has thoroughly enjoyed trying out Crispy Fruit and would definitely recommend them to you as well!! Be sure to visit them online as well as on their Facebook page and become acquainted with fresh fruits...dried to perfection and packed with an amazing crunch!! 

Disclaimer: I received no monetary compensation for this post. I did receive free products for review purposes. All quotes and stock photos are from the sponsor's website and email. All thoughts and opinions are 100% mine.

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