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When it comes to my beauty and appearance I am honestly not a fussy person. This does not mean that I don't care what I look like, it just means that I am not a daily makeup wearer. I don't HAVE to have makeup on to answer the front door or go out and get the mail. To me, my natural beauty is enough most days and if I need a touch up here and there, I will do it. I think part of the problem is that I am a busy mom of three little ones and really do not have the time that I would like to put on makeup. How well I remember the days of being a single career woman...all the time in the world! I seriously wouldn't trade my life now for anything though. I have the BEST job ever!
Well, Mary Kay has recently revamped their website and it looks fantastic! I love how easy it is to navigate and how nicely everything is showcased. They have a brand new page called Mary Kay Best Sellers and I have to tell you, I LOVE everything that I see there! Instead of browsing the entire site and trying to figure out which products you will like the most, they have it all in one area so there is no guesswork. This is a really helpful and wonderful idea. If you are not familiar with Mary Kay, here is a little more information about this company...
Mary Kay Ash is the founder of Mary Kay Cosmetics
Mary Kay Ash founded her Company on the personal values that guided her life – integrity, honesty and an unwavering belief in the Golden Rule. She had one goal – to help women live the life of their dreams, and with a handful of products, she helped those dreams come true.
More than 40 years later, her principles live on in the more than 2 million Independent Beauty Consultants who make up the Mary Kay "family" worldwide – mothers, daughters, sisters and friends. The business that Mary Kay Ash started with $5,000 in savings is today a multibillion dollar Company that has earned the trust and loyalty of millions of women. We always have, and always will, proudly stand behind our products.

Women everywhere want products that deliver results.  At Mary Kay Inc., our expert team of scientists uses the most advanced skin care technology available to ensure that consumers get what they want:  innovative products they can believe in at a price they can afford.

You can really tell that this is a fantastic company just by looking at their values...not to mention their commitment to end domestic violence. To see more about Mary Kay and their values, just visit their website and click through some of their history and information. You will be impressed!
So, for this review I was sent all of Mary Kay's Best Sellers and have the wonderful opportunity to share them with you all! If you already use these products then you know how great they are. If you have never tried these before then listen may see something that will become a favorite. Here is a list of the best sellers that I will be reviewing today.

I had never heard of Foundation Primer before I started working with Mary Kay but since I have discovered it, I love it! This Foundation Primer is meant to be applied before you put on your foundation. It creates a smooth and silky base and honestly, feels so great. It looks like a cloudy gel and has no odor to it at is also oil-free! The retail price of a 1 oz. tube is $16.00.
Many years ago I purchased my first bottle of Mary Kay Oil-Free Makeup Remover and loved it. It made the brand I was currently using look like such a cheap imitation of what makeup remover should be. This remover is very VERY gentle on the eyes and I cannot even tell when it has gone in my eye. Typically, my eye makeup remover burns my eyes and is not pleasant at all. So, that is why Mary Kay's brand is my favorite. This 3.75 oz. bottle retails for just $15.00.
Can I just tell you here how excited I was to receive the Timewise 3-in-1 Cleanser??? My current facial cleanser contains small exfoliater beads in it so I know I am getting my pores clean. I was thrilled with this Mary Kay cleanser because it too has tiny pink micro cleansing beads in it! It definitely does not feel as abrasive as the brand I currently use and the creamy feel is wonderful! My skin felt very soft and smooth after use and I was impressed with how little I needed. A 4.5 oz. tube retails for $18.00.
After showering with the cleanser, I proceeded to apply the Timewise Age-Fighting Moisturizer. This cream is smooth and goes on very easily. Again, you do not need much to notice a difference. I typically do not use facial creams, so this was new for me. I really did enjoy using this cream and my skin felt soft and smooth throughout the day. A 3 oz. tube retails for $22.00.
Then, I tried the Timewise Eye Firming Cream. This was a new product for me as well! Not only is this firming cream meant to help condition the skin around your eyes, it is also designed to brighten the look of your eyes. I do get tired-looking eyes some days and need a little boost to help me look more awake. This definitely did the trick for me! All you do is dab a small amount of cream around your eyes and voila! You are done. A little bit goes a long way so don't worry about running out right away! This Eye Firming Cream retails for $30.00 for a .5 oz pump.
Last but not least I am already a firm believer in Mary Kay's Mascaras and Eye Liners. The liners are super easy to use and are opthamologist tested to be sure they won't harm your eyes. They are even formulated for those of you who have sensitive eyes or wear contact lenses. The Lash Love Mascara and Ultimate Mascara are awesome. I love how the brushes on each one help to shape your lashes and keep the mascara from clumping. They do not clump, flake or smudge which is also a huge plus. If you are a daily mascara wearer then these are the products for you. Both the  Lash Love and Ultimate Mascara retail for $15.00. The Eyeliner retails for $12.00 and is available in several different colors.

So, in my opinion...Mary Kay's Best Sellers are fantastic! I can really see why they are the best sellers...they truly give great results and I love the way they look on me. My skin is soft and smooth and I don't have to sacrifice my time to get the look that I want. I would definitely recommend these products to any woman out there who is looking for ways to enhance her beauty...naturally!

Disclaimer: I received no monetary compensation for this post. I did receive free Mary Kay products for review purposes from Mary Kay. All quotes and stock photos are from the Mary Kay website and email. All thoughts and opinions are 100% mine.

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