Bet On Your Baby Blog App & Luvs Diapers Giveaway!

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Boy oh boy...diapers are just something we have been talking about alot around here! Anyone who has children knows that diapers are NOT optional and that at some point, we all need them for our little ones. Well, I have something fun for you today and this is promising to be a huge hit!

Do you think you know your baby well? I would say that I do but are you willing to bet on how well you know your baby? Starting on August 7th and every Saturday after that, there will be a new show premiering on CBS called Bet On Your Baby! Here's the scoop...

Bet on Your Baby is a new show where parents play fun games with their toddlers, and try to “bet” on what baby will do next! If they guess correctly, the family wins $5,000 in college tuition money, and the chance to play for $50,000! 

All of these heartwarming and hilarious games are played in a toy-filled room called the Baby Dome. Do you think that you could predict what baby will do next? 

Ha ha! That sounds like such a great show. There are days when I think I know my children and then they turn around and do something totally unpredictable. Yikes. In conjunction with this new show, there is also a fun Bet On Your Baby blog app that has been created to psych you up and get you ready for the show! On this app you can take a quiz about whether or not you would survive the Baby Dome and other fun things! Take a peek...

Look at all those cute children!! I don't think my child would be able to perform there...they get a bit camera shy. :) Seriously though, doesn't this look like a fun show to tune in and watch?
This show is sponsored by Luvs and to celebrate it's launch, Luvs wants to giveaway three coupons for free Super Absorbent diapers to one of you! Luvs Super Absorbent diapers give your baby the protection they need at the low price you’re looking for—complete with a money back guarantee. New Luvs Super Absorbent Jumbo Packs have an everyday low price of $6.97 at Walmart! So, do you want to win? Here are your entry options. PLEASE NOTE: Prize cannot be shipped to P.O Boxes.
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Disclaimer: I received no monetary compensation for this post. I am working in conjunction with ABC and they have supplied the materials and information used in this post. Prize is being provided and shipped by the sponsor. This blog is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged prizes. All thoughts and opinions are 100% mine.

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  1. I like the kickin it one, so cute!

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  8. My favorite is the video Get A Grip.

  9. My favorite video is Kickin' it

    Jamie Brigham
    PrettyInPinkWife @ aol dot com

  10. Stack 'Em was cute!


  11. sound of moo-sic!

  12. the Toy Time was my favorite


  13. I like the Spin Cycle video.

    stormraven at gmail dot com

  14. I like the Kickin' It video.

  15. My favorite is the Get a Grip video.


  16. in the bag is cute
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  17. I like the Spin Cycle video :)

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  18. My favorite is the Kickin It video

  19. Spin cycle was my favorite

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    tony l smoaks on rafflecopter

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