Deluxe Family Bible, King James Version 400th Anniversary Review

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I am a Christian...and have been one since I was a child. I was raised in a Baptist, Christian, God-fearing home in which God was exalted and sin was abased. I also am an AVID Bible reader. I have read through my Bible multiple times and try to read through it cover to cover at least once a year. To me, the only Bible that I consider to be the one, true Word of God is the King James Bible. So, you can imagine my excitement when I was offered this next product to review!

I was sent the Deluxe Family Bible, King James Version 400th Anniversary Edition Bible to review! WOW! That is a mouth full, huh? :)

The King James Bible is the most influential book ever published in the English language...and is by far...the BEST book that I have ever read. The accounts in it have actually happened and are more than just stories from a book. The King James Bible has been perfectly preserved throughout the centuries and is available in every bookstore.
The other day, this special Bible arrived in the mail and when the UPS man handed it to me, I was amazed at how heavy it was (I almost dropped it...whoops!)! I knew right away what was in the box.
Inside the package was a beautiful box, embellished with gold writing. The presentation and first impression appearance of this Bible immediately made me think of what a great gift this would be for someone (I am keeping it though...sorry!). This Bible is beautiful and elegant as well. It is finely crafted with genuine brown leather and spine hubs and has gold lettering and designs on the cover. The first several pages are satiny in feel and look soooo lovely!
What really sets this Bible apart from your average Bible that you would purchase for every day reading is the fact that there 96 full-color pages of fine art illustrations and Bible stories. There is also a bound-in, 24 page full-color historical booklet that commemorates the 400th anniversary of this great Book. My husband is currently taking a Bible institute class on the defense of the Bible and he was totally enthralled with this Bible. He spend a good amount of time thumbing through the pages and oooing and ahhing over the different features. :)
I have some likes and dislikes about this Bible...thankfully the likes far out-weigh the dislikes!!!
I will do the dislikes first, as there are only a few...
~I didn't care for alot of the pictures as they portrayed Jesus as a long-haired man...I don't believe He had long hair and really thought these pictures looked Catholic in origin. Also, the pictures showed angels as having wings and I do not believe that angels have wings. Over all, the pictures were not to my liking.
~The concordance is kind of small...not much to it.
~I was a little disappointed that there were not many maps...a special edition Bible like this should be loaded with maps.

Now, for the "Like" list!
~The font is large and not so teeny tiny that you need a magnifying glass to read. I HATE when print is so tiny.
~There is a 32 page children's section with condensed versions of Bible stories.
~The overall look of this Bible is beautiful!
~There is a very detailed description of the history of the writing of the King James Bible.
~The pages are not flimsy at all...I really like that!
~There is a daily Bible reading schedule for those of us who need a structured schedule to keep us on track!
As you can see, this Bible truly has much to offer. Besides a beautiful family heirloom, it holds wonderful historical and factual data that can be treasured in the years to come!

So, in my opinion...the Deluxe Family Bible, King James Version 400th Anniversary Edition Bible is a fabulous product. It would make a wonderful gift for any occasion, especially for Christmas or for a wedding. Every home should have one of these Bibles sitting on their coffee table!

Disclaimer: I received no monetary compensation for this post. I did receive a Deluxe Family Bible, King James Version 400th Anniversary Edition Bible for review purposes All quotes are from the Deluxe Family Bible, King James Version 400th Anniversary Edition Bible email. All thoughts and opinions are mine.

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  1. I am a mom of two girls and it is hard to afford thing that we wish to have but time has come to teach them about word of God, and i would love to own this Family edition of KJV 400th Anniversary Bible.

    Thank you

  2. I hope to have the "Deluxe Family Bible, King James Version, 400th Anniversary Edition" because of its large print(because I have poor eyesight), sturdy binding, concordance and annotated Bible verses references.
    I want to make it my personal Bible and carry it around despite its weight.
    I really wish for a copy.

    Thank you & God bless you!


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