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Being a mom, I am constantly picking things up off the floor. Food, toys, books, clothes, magazines, children...etc. I think the worst time to try to pick things up off the floor is when you are in the car, driving down the road and Junior decides to throw his/her sippy cup on the floor. You know...juuuuust when you have turned a corner and then you hear the sippy cup rolling under the other seats and disappearing into a black hole in the back of the car. Yep...been there.

Well, this next children's accessory is a MUST for any parent. It doesn't matter if you have one, two or twelve children. This product will be a big blessing to you and because it is washable, you can re-use it over and over and over again!!

NoThrow is a product that I had never heard of until I entered bloggy world. (It's so great all the mommy gadgets you find when you start reading blog reviews!) NoThrow is basically a way to tether sippy cups, toys and bottles to keep them from flying off the high chair, carseat or bouncer. NoThrow is made out of a velcro strap that is designed to fit snugly around whatever you DON'T want thrown on the ground. It is also designed for 3+ months old.

The motto of NoThrow is: "Because babies LOVE to throw things" Isn't that the truth??? My son, who is 5 months old is at the age where he is learning how to manipulate things in his hands. Because his coordination is off, I am constantly picking his toys up off the ground. Nothing stinks more than being in a restaraunt or another public place and having a toy or cup hit the ground. That is just nasty.
So, who are the wonderful geniuses behind my newest favorite mommy product? Meet twin sisters, Karla and Karen!
"We are Karla and Karen, twin sisters, from Chicago. When our sons were still babies, we lived within a mile of each other and were able to enjoy taking walks to the park with our children or being able to drop in on each other for a cup of coffee. Early in 2001 Karla and her family moved to Detroit. As a result of Karla's move, we found ourselves traveling back and forth between the twostates much more than we ever imagined. During those trips Karla's son Danny kept throwing his bottle around the plane and Karen's son Alex kept throwing his sippy cup all over the car. After one particularly embarrassing flight Karla called Karen and said "there has got to be something out there to stop this embarrassment". That was 8 year ago! The Nothrow (as in DANNY/ALEX! NO THROW YOUR BOTTLE/CUP), is our answer."

I can't think of a better reason to want a gadget like NoThrow!

I received two of these NoThrow's for this review. I opened one and am saving the other for later use. I received an orange one with alphabet letters on it and a green one with animals on it. I opened and tried out the orange one. My son was in his swing today and I gave him a teething toy. Well, sure enough, he threw it in a failed attempt to put it in the other hand. Down went the toy, safely attached to the NoThrow. It was GREAT! I was tempted to look at him and say "Go ahead...throw it! See if I care! HA!" Buuut, he is only 5 months and probably would have just smiled and drooled at me.
THEN, my two year old thought of another use for NoThrow. A leash! Yes, she took the toy that was attached to the swing and pretended that it was a doggie and walked it all over the house..barking all the way. I thought it was pretty funny.
I can definitely see where NoThrow would come in handy for her as well. She has a cup holder in her carseat but her cup is a little too big to fit in the holder snugly. We take alot of road trips and this would be WONDERFUL! I don't know how many times on our recent trip we were feeling around the floor of the car looking for her cup...ARGGGHHH!!! That problem is now solved. :)
So, in my opinion...NoThrow is now one of my favorite things as a mommy. I love the bright colors and the whole idea behind NoThrow is GENIUS! Thanks Karla and Karen for creating such a wonderful product that makes MY life as a mom more enjoyable, organized and fun!!!

Disclaimer: I received no monetary compensation for this post. I did receive two NoThrows for review purposes All quotes are from the NoThrow website and email. All thoughts and opinions are mine.

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  1. Hello, here from Hippo with a Headband. I love this! I so wish I had one of these when we were teaching my son how not to throw his sippy cup!

    BTW, I'm following and I have a giveaway ending next Saturday and there's only one entry.

  2. We have one of these by a different maker and LOVE them. Ours has saved our Sophie the Giraffe from a dire fate at the Zoo, Circus, crowded stores, ect!


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