Making Email Marketing FUN with Mad Mimi!

1:30 PM

Whenever I become a new customer to an online company, that usually means that I am signed up for their email updates. I typically do not like to get spam emails so I am careful about which companies I allow to send me emails. You would not believe how many wonderful bargains, coupons and free things that I have been made aware of simply because I received an email.

For example, I recently found out that my favorite body spray is being brought back to the store from which I buy it. It had been discontinued but due to popular demand (people only being able to purchase it online) this gorgeous body spray scent had been brought back to the store. Had I not been signed up to get the emails from this company, I would have never known unless I had visited the store itself. This is sooo fantastic!

When it comes to getting an email that looks great, it is possible that Mad Mimi email marketing helped to create it. This company designs marketing emails for other companies! When I first visited this site, I was immediately drawn to the design, color and quick response of the website. It was such a fresh and fun place to visit, I can see why they are doing so well as a company. It has become one of the most enjoyed and exciting email marketing tools that is out there today!

I would love to get an email that was designed by Mad Mimi! It would certainly beat the boring and cut and paste looks of most emails that I get regularly...businesses could seriously learn alot from them and benefit greatly by using their services. Check them out today!

This is a sponsored post for Mad Mimi, however, all the points and views are my own.

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