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Waaaaaaaay back when hubby and I were just engaged, we knew we wanted to live in a house and not an apartment or condo. This was a mutual decision and because we were just starting out, we knew our budget was not that flexible. So, the house hunting began. I remember going to open house after open house...hoping that we would find the "perfect house". It was not an easy thing but personally, I LOVED going to open houses. It is so cool to walk through different houses and see the way people decorate and arrange their homes. Although none of the houses we visited were good fits for us, we still enjoyed looking.

Now that our family has grown to a family of five, we are again looking to move. I don't think we would ever Buy a Kansas City Home, but we are certainly looking for a nice home around here! Some of the things we wanted in a house back when we first moved were must-haves. They were not optional, we needed certain things to be right. For instance...we needed our house to be relatively close to our places of employment. We didn't want to be driving insane amounts of miles to get to and from work every day and didn't think that it was practical to be doing that either. So, location was important. Secondly, we wanted to be in a quieter neighborhood that wasn't on any main highways or busy roadways. This was a bit harder. Many houses that we saw were on main roads and honestly, with children in our future (or so we hoped), we wanted a house that would allow us to have the children play outside without fear of them running into the road if it was super busy. Now, our children NEVER go outside without us so that was a minor concern but one that we still thought important. 

We finally stumbled upon a small house that was located in a tiny subdivision. The houses there were all build in the 1960's and were 3-4 bedroom houses. The one we looked at was a bank foreclosure, which meant that it was priced below what it was worth. We ended up falling in love with this little house and it was a perfect place for us! Driving to work was about 30 minutes for hubby and 10 minutes for me. We were off the "beaten path" so to speak and the neighborhood was full of retired people...meaning it was very quiet. Cars rarely drove by and we were within walking distance of our church. It was PERFECT!

We have been here for 6 years now and have loved every minute of it. This house has become our HOME and we are so thankful for it. Now that we are looking to move on, I do so with many memories and it is a bittersweet time for us. Hopefully, we find a place just as nice as this one!

This is a sponsored post for Remax, however, all the points and views are my own.

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