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I have been wearing glasses since I was about 10 years old. I thought I was such a huge deal when I got my first pair of glasses...unfortunately, I don't feel that way anymore! My eyesight is so bad now that I call myself  "Miss. Magoo" when I am not wearing my glasses...yes, it is that bad. I am really due for an eye exam again and because I typically have about a year between pregnancies, I have to get my eyes checked soon. 

So, I have never purchased eyeglasses online before and was always skeptical of this type of thing. Actually, I rarely buy clothing, shoes or other personal items online because I am so picky and have to try everything on before I buy it. This is probably the main reason that I have never bought glasses online. Well, today I am going to introduce you to a company that is found only online and caters to those of us who are skeptical about getting glasses over the Internet.

GlassesUSA.com is a company that specializes in prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses. The glasses found on this site can be up to 70% cheaper then what you would find at the opticians office and this is fantastic! I have always been really disappointed at the prices that I have seen when shopping in a store for frames. It seems that if you want something that actually looks nice on you, you pay an arm and a leg for it which is not fun at all.
What I really love about this site is that you can check out their Virtual Mirror program...a simple and easy way to see what the glasses will look on you before you buy them! I was really excited about this and hopped right on to check it out. I had loads of fun playing with the program and found several pairs of glasses that looked fabulous on me! All you do is download a photo of yourself, looking straight ahead, and then upload it to the Try-It Mirror. Then, start shopping! I think this is a really great concept and helps me to visualize what the online glasses will look like on me

 So, if you have never tried to order glasses online before, now is your chance! Use the Virtual Mirror program to choose your glasses and then place your order! GlassesUSA has offered a code for my readers that will take 15% off your entire order amount + FREE shipping (orders over $50)! Use code FS15. Also, you can take 10% off any order of prescription glasses by entering the code: Blog10. Happy shopping and let me know what you think once your glasses arrive!!

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