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I am a mother to two very busy toddlers and do not leave my house to run errands unless it is absolutely necessary. They are really well-behaved children, it is just difficult to haul both of them in and out of car seats, back and forth to the stores…all while trying to juggle a diaper bag, purse and whatever else I am carrying. I think you understand. :)

It is for this reason that I am a HUGE fan of shopping online. I love to be able to sit on my couch (without getting stuck in traffic) and shop at my own pace (without being rushed by a sales associate) for whatever it is I am looking. It is also really handy to be able to “shop around” without leaving the house and going from store to store. Well, recently I have discovered nomorerack and would like to introduce you to this amazing site today.

If you have ever heard of them before then you already know that it is a fantastic place to find out-of-this-world deals. Some of the deals just seem too good to be true and nomorerack does say that the item is not yours completely until you have completed the check out process. So, if you get to the checkout and it says that the item is sold out, there are plenty more items from which you can choose.

While perusing I was really impressed by their Insanity Deals. WOW…talk about some really shockingly low prices for some high-prices items!! I mean prices like a Garmin GPS (normally priced at $217.00) for just $22.71!! Have you ever heard of such a great deal like that? I certainly haven’t. Here was another great deal that I spotted in Insanity Deals. You can get an Apple iPad (regular price of $540.00) for just $43.20. Again, what a steal!! I have never seen anything quite like this before and am really excited to have found nomorerack!!

A few other things that I liked on this site was the fact that they only charge $2.00 flat rate shipping which insures that you get your item promptly. I hate getting an item online, knowing it costs a certain dollar amount, then finding out that the shipping is almost just as much as the product itself! How frustrating! Well, you will not get that frustration with nomorerack. They strive to keep shopping easy, affordable and fun and that is exactly the impression I have received from browsing nomorerack.

So, if you have a minute stop by this cool site and check them out! I am sure you will be impressed by what you see there. You can be sure that I will be spending a bit more time there as well. After all, who doesn’t LOVE a great deal!?! (By the way...are you already a fan of this website? Leave me a comment about what you most love about using it! I would love to hear your stories and accolades!)

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