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Guest post written by my buddy Aldo Mays

I used my CLEAR internet service to do all of my holiday shopping this year. Usually, I wait until the very last minute to get everything done. This year, I decided that it was going to be really different. I started in September looking around on the internet. I only have my immediate family and grandparents that I shop for. I got my mom and dad the new Kindle Fire from I am really excited and think that they are really going to enjoy it. I am definitely going to have to teach them how to use it. I got my sister this new hair dryer from Conair that spins as it dries. Your hair comes out smooth and curled on the end. I have one and I absolutely love it. As far as my grandparents go, I really struggled trying to decide what I was going to get them. I just wasn’t sure if I should get them some good coffee table books, or go for something techy. I finally decided that I was going to get them an iPod. I am going to teach them how to use it. I think that they will like being able to listen to their music in the car instead of lugging around all of those old CDs.

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