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Wow. So, I am really loving all the new Mary Kay products that are hitting the market right now, aren't you? The fact that they are always coming up with new and exciting products just makes me much to choose from and such great colors and formulas!!! I wanted to take a minute here to let you know about another brand new line of Limited Edition products from Mary Kay and this line is called The Art Of Nature Collection.
Spring is here, and that means one thing. The weather is warmer and I have broken out the sandals and flip flops. I love having my feet free to feel the air and get some sun. My skin is very pale so after a long winter I am in desperate need of sunshine and warmth. The color choices that I pick for my makeup need to be refreshed as well with the change in season and that is what this The Art Of Nature Collection from Mary Kay is all about. The colors mimic the beauty of a rain forest, canyon and coral reef, all while naturally hydrating and replenishing your skin and nails with Shea butter, aloes and other botanicals!
So, for this review I was sent several products from this stunning line to share with all of you today. I do hope that you will check them out for yourself though and don't just take my word for won't be sorry! :)

I was sent:
Fluid Eye Color ~ Rainforest & Pearl
Dual Lip Glaze ~ Glistening Sand
Nail Lacquer ~ Crushed Pearl
Base Coat/Top Coat
I was so excited, I was unsure of where to start! So, I decided to do my eyes first. The Limited Edition Fluid Eye Color is really neat in the way it is applied. Instead of using a sponge or applicator, it has a brush! You twist the opposite end of the tube and the color is dispensed into the brush from inside of the tube.
I chose to use the Pearl color as it was light and airy looking. The Rain forest is more grayish in color for a more intense and darker look for the eyes. I LOVED the way it looked on me! It blended in very nicely with my skin tone. The color is nice and shimmery too, which added a gorgeous and subtle touch. This Liquid Eye Color retails for $15.
Then, I tried the Dual Lip Gloss. This is a pretty amazing product as well and VERY easy to apply. It comes in a tube with a tipped applicator end so you can easily dispense the gloss onto your lips. I was expecting a brown colored gloss, but it looked clear when I applied it. The brown is SO subtle, you don't even notice it. This gloss is really shimmery as well and has just enough glitter in it to shine and add "pizazz" to your lips. The formula used for this Dual Lip Gloss features aloe, Shea butter and safflower oil to ensure great moisture and protection for lips. The retail value of the Dual Lip Glosses is $14 each.
Here is my finished look. (My eyes are closed so you can see the eye color...isn't it perfect???) What I love is how natural it looks...I don't look "made up", if you know what I mean.
I was very excited to try the Nail Lacquer as I am a HUGE nail polish fan. During the summer, my toenails are almost always painted. I will admit 35 weeks pregnant, bending down to paint my toes is a rare sight in my house and takes some effort on my part! LOL! The first thing I did was apply the Base/Top Coat. This adds extra protection to the nail itself and to prevent chips and wearing off after the polish is applied. Once that top coat dried, I applied the nail color. I wasn't sure if I would like the Crushed Pearl color as I usually gravitate towards pinks, but I was pleasantly surprised!
It is almost like a nude color and yes, this nail polish contains glitter. (My 3 year old will LOVE it!!) The color looks really great on my toes and I love how wide the brush is. I can cover more area in a short amount of time and that is my goal. As you can see in the photo above, it is almost a tan color yet is subtle enough to pass for a nude. Personally, I will really enjoy using this color as it doesn't "scream" at my eyes when I look at it. The Nail Lacquer and Base/Top Coat retail for $9 each.

So, in my opinion...The Art Of Nature Collection from Mary Kay is amazing! I am really impressed with the colors and ingredients of these products. Not only are they beautiful...they are in season and completely affordable too! I would definitely recommend this collection to any woman who is looking to liven and freshen up her look for Spring...and for Summer too! Check out this fabulous collection today and begin your journey to a new you for the season!

Disclaimer: I received no monetary compensation for this post. I did receive free Mary Kay products for review purposes from Mary Kay. All quotes and stock photos are from the Mary Kay website and email. All thoughts and opinions are 100% mine.

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