When Water Heaters Break...

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When my husband and I were married, we moved into a cozy little house in a quiet neighborhood. Our new home was a foreclosure so we were able to get a terrific price and a GREAT house. It was not a huge house, but was just right for us. Everything was in working condition when we moved in (except for the roof, which we totally had to rip off and replace.) and needed little to no work at all. For this we were grateful. Being newlyweds, we of course were short on cash so not having to do a ton of repair work was wonderful.

Several years later we took an weekend trip out of town and were gone for about 4 days total. When we came home I was unpacking and getting things back in order. I went to the kitchen and turned on the hot water and waited and waited and...........waited. I wasn't sure why it was taking so long to get the hot water running so I thought I would go to the basement and check the water heater just to see if maybe it was turned down. When I rounded the corner of the basement to where the hot water heater was, my heart immediately sank. There was water EVERYWHERE. It was under the rugs, the walls, the furnace, etc. My dad is a really handy guy when it comes to Water Heater Repair so I called him as soon as I let my hubby know what was going on. Dad came over right away and confirmed that indeed, our water heater had broken. Uggg...how much was THIS going to cost us?? 

Well, to make a long story short we were able to get a very nice water heater for a reasonable price. My hubby took the next day off work and he and my dad installed the new unit. Since that time, we have had no issues with it and boy am I glad for that!!! I sure did take that hot water for granted for those two days! :)

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