The Importance of a Good Education

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When I was in high school, I knew I wanted to go to college. My father always told me that the only way I was going to get a good job was to go to college and get a degree. In fact, he would always tell me that! My siblings heard the same thing as well as all of us have either been to or are currently attending college. My college days have long since gone by but I remember well my experiences. I completed 2 years of college and really had no desire to go any further by pursuing mba programs colorado or such like.

While I was in college, I began to think about what I wanted in a husband...odd to think of that while in college, right? I knew I was looking for someone who knew how to handle money and also someone who had a good job. So, this meant that the guy I would marry would probably be a college graduate himself. Now, I know that college doesn't always mean you are going to land that "perfect" job...but I know it definitely helps. So, I met my husband-to-be three years after I graduated college with my associates degree. 

Hubby had a bachelor's degree in the computer field and had worked hard while at college. I knew that as soon as we had a baby on the way I would be quitting my job and staying home full time so it would be important for him to have a job that would support us. With both of our incomes combined, we made decent money. I would not say we were rich in any way, but we were living comfortably. Then came the day when I found out we were expecting and the ball started rolling for me to quit working. In the end, I did quit my job and become a full-time stay at home mom, which is better than any career! I am so thankful for my husband's college education that enabled me to stay home with our children and has kept us going strong financially, even though we are living on one income.

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