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Check Out Kidorable's Product Improvements and Price Changes! PLUS Umbrella Review

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Kidorable is a huge favorite around here. Whenever we get a new Kidorable item in the house, my children fight over it and I end up having to put it away for a few days. Yes, it is that bad. However, each child now has their own Kidorable item so there is not near as much fighting as there used to be. :)
I was recently made aware of some fun changes taking place over at Kidorable and wanted to share these new improvements with you all today. The design team at Kidorable is always busy looking for ways to make their adorable products better for us. They have tackled many different items and I wanted to give you a brief update as to what they have been doing. Here is a brief summary of the changes, including price changes...

  • Kidorable Coats are changing from PVC to a lined PU (same quality and materials as our Dora the Explorer and SpongeBob coats) and will be available to ship starting September 2nd.   The price for these new coats is $39.00
  • These are lighter, more comfortable and more attractive than PVC.  Everyone loves these coats.  100% of people we tested much prefer these to our regular coats. 
  • The addition of a printed pattern liner makes our coats very special.  We chose a nylon liner for the raincoat because nylon is water proof and matches the feel of the PU.  Our PU+nylon is much lighter, easy to fold, and carry to go. 
  • More than just a raincoat, these can be worn every day, all spring and fall. 
  • Kidorable Umbrellas now all have a fun custom handle, setting Kidorable apart from all others. The new handles will be gradually phased in over the next few months.  The new price, effective September 2, is $13.95
  • Kidorable Boots now have a custom printed lining, adding to perceived value.  Together with our custom sole, this lifts Kidorable boots above anything else on the market.  No other company has a fun custom sole and printed lining.   The new price, effective September 2, is $29.95

The boots have gone up in price but only by $.95 so you are really getting a good deal there. I love the idea of putting a printed liner inside the rain coats...I think it will be more comfortable than the old design. I am also loving the idea of a new umbrella handle that will match the theme of the umbrella. What a great idea!
I was given the opportunity to review a new and improved umbrella and so for this review, I was sent the Ladybug Umbrella. We used to have a Ladybug Umbrella that someone had given to us however, it tragically broke when it was accidentally folded up in the stroller. Oh, that was a sad, SAD day for us. We were so happy to have another Ladybug Umbrella!! One of our favorite features of this umbrella is the cute pair of eyes on top...isn't it cute?!?
I love the new handle design. It is 3D in appearance and really gives my children something better to hang on to. It is cute and matches the design of the entire umbrella, which is nice.
I think Hannah is thrilled with her new umbrella. I will say though that as a parent, you need to be very careful when your child opens and closes the umbrella. Hannah pinched her finger today because the release is really tight...I had pinched my finger the other day too so maybe this might be something Kidorable could look into adding as an improvement in the future. Her little accident was partially my fault for not helping her with it but it still is something to be careful of when using the umbrella. Once it is open though, it is a BLAST!
I think it is safe to say that this umbrella is getting ALOT of use. It was raining the other day when we came home from grocery shopping and right away, Hannah NEEDED to get her umbrella and stand in the rain. Don't ask me why, but she did and she had so much fun in the rain! :)

So, the Kidorable Umbrellas retail for $13.95 and you seriously need to check out the new handle designs...they are so great! For all your child's outdoor outfitting needs, Kidorable has you completely covered...from head to toe.

Disclaimer: I received no monetary compensation for this post. I did receive free Kidorable products for review purposes. All quotes and stock photos are from the Kidorable website and email.  All thoughts and opinions are 100% mine.

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