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Good afternoon everyone! I have a few minutes while my babies are napping, so I thought I would take those few minutes and tell you about a great company that I have the privilege of reviewing today!

Dapple has come up with a great line of baby-safe cleaners that are non-toxic and full of natural ingredients.
As a mom, I am constantly running around after my little ones cleaning up messes. Having a product on hand that is safe for them makes me confident that I am using the best thing for my family. Some of their organic baby products include:

Dish Liquid
Dishwasher Powder
Toy Cleaner Spray
Toy Cleaner Wipes
Laundry Detergent

These are also available in travel size...which I think is VERY convenient! I am on the go constantly so I LOVE just about anything in travel size!

The ingredients in Dapple's natural cleaners are very eco-friendly and organic. For instance, their Toy Cleaner Wipes contain the following ingredients: Purified water, baking soda, cleaners derived from grain, fruits, tree oils and glucose, French lavender essential oil, essential oil dispersant, alcohol (less than 2%), preservative derived from natural amino acid, biodegradable fabric

Doesn't this look like a wonderful product? I like the fact that there are no words that you cannot pronounce!!!! I cannot stand trying to decipher the ingredients list on products in the supermarket...especially when I am trying to find something that will be safe for my children!!

The origin of Dapple stems from two mom's desire to have natural baby products that would be safe for their children. Tamar Rosenthal and Dana Rubinstein were these two moms and here is their story of how Dapple came about...
Green Cleaning Products
When we first became moms, we found a market full of “baby-friendly” products – from gentle laundry detergent for babies’ clothes, to mild shampoo for babies’ hair. But there was nothing specific for the very items that our babies put into their mouths each day – their baby bottles, cups, and dishes. The dish soap products we used left a synthetic fragrance behind, and we were always concerned about lingering suds. We also soon noticed a persistent odor and film on our bottles that conventional dish liquids never fully removed.
It became our mission to find a better way – and create a line of products that were natural and safe for our babies, but also specifically targeted to clean the unique messes they leave behind. With the help and hard work of several experienced pediatricians and a team of seasoned green chemists, Dapple was born.
What a wonderful story...all because two mothers wanted what was BEST for their children!

Dapple sent me their travel-sized Toy Cleaner Wipes for review.
I recently "unburied" my baby jumperoo from the basement as my son is getting to a point where he is big enough to use it. However, it looked NASTY. There was (don't be too grossed out now!) dried spit-up/baby food on it from when my daughter used it! That was 2 years ago. I know I cleaned it before I put it away, but I think that this area is one that I missed...oops!
CLEANER WIPES TO THE RESCUE!!! I got to work on the jumperoo and in minutes, it was spick and span! One of the things I noticed about using the wipes was that they smelled very nice. It was like an herbal scent. Very fresh, very clean and very subtle. I don't really care for strong scents so this was a perfect product for me. The wipes were also nice and thick so they didn't disintegrate in my hands while I was scrubbing...that was cool.
I was very happy with the finished result after I was done.
Not only was my jumperoo clean, but it was safe for my son to now enjoy! These wipes are also handy for high chairs, swings and any kind of toy...just throw them in the diaper bag and you are ready to go!
So, in my opinion...Dapple is an AWESOME company. It is also great to know that Dapple donates both proceeds and products to a wide range of family-and eco-friendly causes. Visit Dapple today and start doing what is best for YOUR family!

Disclaimer: I received no monetary compensation for this post. I did receive travel-size Toy Cleaner Wipes for review purposes. All quotes are from the Dapple website or email. All thoughts and opinions are mine.

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