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Look What I Thrifted!

2:24 PM

So, today I was at a local consignment shop looking for a breast pump. I started digging in a pile of stuff under a shelf and found something WONDERFUL! You know how sometimes you just browse around and aren't really looking for anything in particular? Well, today was that kind of day.
I found a diaper bag. But not just any diaper bag...a VERA BRADLEY diaper bag! WOO HOO! The best part of this buy is that it was only $6.99. I am not sure which collection it was from but I know that I have never owned any of Vera Bradley's items because of the cost. This bag is in pristine I was shocked! The color is great and I am really excited because I can put alot of things into it and still look stylish! I LOVE it! Great find of the day...possibly of the year! :)
LOVE the pockets!
Yep...I am in love. :)

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  1. Cute!! I love diaper bags that don't look like your traditional ones.


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