10 Reasons Why I Would LOVE To Go To Virginia Beach!

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My summer is full...but no vacations are lined up for us this year. How sad is that? Well, I have always wanted to go to Virginia Beach and see what they have to offer me as a mom, and as a very busy one at that. So, here are my 10 reasons why I would love to visit Virginia Beach.

#1. Virginia Beach just sounds so relaxing. Whenever I hear someone talking about it, I picture a white sandy beach and palm trees. Well, the palm trees might be a long stretch but hey-I can dream, right?

#2. The Boardwalks. I have a thing for wandering out over top of the water on a sunny day and being able to feel the sun on my face and the smell of water. The wind is usually present any time you visit any body of water so that is also a wonderful touch that nature adds to the ambiance. Boardwalks are also lovely places to sit and reflect. I picture myself sitting on a boardwalk with the sunset reflecting on the water...wrapped in my husband's arms, of course. :)

#3. Fun For My Children. I want my children to experience seeing the ocean and playing in the sand...perhaps burying daddy or just building sandcastles. I never visited the ocean as a child and want that for my children.

#4. Yummy Places To Eat! Who can resist a family-friendly restaurant or diner? I am very partial to fish fries and would love to taste an ocean-fresh fish fry. Virginia Beach offers food to fit each person's palate and I could EAT to my heart's content!

#5. Renting A Vacation Home. This is something that I have NEVER experienced. I would love to have a gorgeous home to stay in for a week or so...or maybe even a beach bungalow. Now that would be romantic!!

#6. Enjoy The "Beach Culture". Because I can't stand crowds of people, I would prefer a quieter beach setting. I am picturing a low-populated beach, complete with a few concession stands and some tropical music. Give me a beach umbrella, a pair of sunglasses and a sun dress and I will be as cool as a cucumber!

#7. I Love To Travel. I have always enjoyed travelling and Virginia Beach is quite a drive from my home here in New York. The sights on the way down there have got to be amazing...seeing as I travel through Ohio quite a bit and that state is (sorry, Ohio people) VERY boring!

#8. My Family Loves To Be Together. Wherever we are, we love to be all together. Virginia Beach is very family oriented so there is no problem finding things to do as a family. I would especially love to go parasailing, or possibly even go on a boat ride. These are activities that we have NEVER done as a family and I would love to experience with the ones I love the most!

#9. Watch A Movie...ON THE BEACH! Wow, what a wonderful experience that would be! Virginia Beach gives you the opportunity to view a family-friendly movie shown on a giant inflatable screen that is on the beach! This would be amazing.

#10. I Just Need A Vacation. It appears that Virginia Beach offers so many activities that I would enjoy. The summer is just too short and I really need to get away and enjoy my family. This would be a perfect place to go!

So, there you have it. My 10 reasons for wanting to go to Virginia Beach! Maybe, someday I will! :)

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  1. Jersey blogger here who's been to Virginia Beach several times - and just letting you know it does get crowded. I do love it there, though, and the ride isn't too bad. Hope you make it there soon!


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