My Child's Dressing Style

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Hannah is 2 1/2 years old. So, naturally, mommy has been picking out her clothes and dressing her for these past few years.

We do have some pretty high standards when it comes to dressing our daughter. I do not wear pants, shorts or capris so obviously, our daughter will not either. From the time she was a baby, I dressed her exclusively in gowns and dresses. There is nothing sweeter than seeing a little baby girl all dolled up! To me, there is no other way to dress a girl.
Now that she is a bit older, we still wear exclusively dresses. I find that one piece dresses are the easiest for her and are harder for her to take off! Yes, she is at that stage in life where she loves to dress and undress several times a day. So, if you come knocking at my door at any given time of the day, you may be greeted by a child in some state of undress. That is just how we roll.

Hannah also loves to work on buttons. I actually had to sew a dress completely up the front because she kept unbuttoning it. We would be in a store and WHOOPS!! There she is! So, to avoid further embarrassment, I had to do something about it. I also have to be careful about what I wear too and make sure she doesn't play with my clothing too! YIKES. That would be scary.

Another reason Hannah is a girly girl is because she LOVES to accessorize. We have loads of dress-up necklaces and purses. She will grab just about any bag that she can find, throw it over her shoulder, grab her play shopping cart and "go shoppin'". If we are going out, she loves to bring a baby with her she can be like mommy.
Also, my daughter has always been awful about keeping things in her hair. As an infant, I would try to put pretty headbands and barrettes in her hair and she would just reach up and pull them out. It was sooo frustrating!! Now that she is older, I have caught her getting into her drawer of hair things, pulling everything out and trying to get her clips into her hair. It is a pretty cute thing!

One of the funniest things that Hannah has ever done when it comes to her clothes is to find other people's clothes and try to wear them too. For instance, I was doing laundry and a pair of baby brother's pajamas showed up. She put her arms into the sleeves but the feet were hanging like down to her knees. It was hysterically funny. Then, she was walking around with a pair of my underpants on saying "mommy's boonies (bloomers)"! She has done that with daddy's underwear too, by the way.

So, those are just some of my daughter's dressing habits and hobbies. How about your children? Do they have any styles and habits that express in their clothing?

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  1. My daughter hated pretty things in her hair when she was little. I had tons of pretty barrettes I would put in her hair and she'd take them out the second my back was turned!

  2. I think it's great that you guys only wear dresses. I know several friends who have made that committment too, and while it's not my personal conviction at this time in my walk, I can appreciate the reasons and beliefs behind it.
    She certainly is VERY sweet! And yes, little girls in dresses- nothing sweeter!

  3. We don't limit ourselves to only dresses and skirts, but I love dressing my daughter in them! She's too little to pick out her own stuff but at least she leaves the headbands on for me!

  4. Your daughter is so cute! I have a 2 year old boy and he is more of a preppy/active wear baby. He's always running, jumping and playing around!

  5. My boys love to wear shorts and underwear on their heads.. Crazy kids :)

  6. I love that you put her in dresses. I think little girls look so cute in a pretty dress and pretty hair.

  7. why don't you wear pants, shorts, or capris? just wondering. but she does look cute! :)

  8. What a sweet girl you have! I love that you put her in dresses. I've always loved dresses for myself, but I only have boys of my own.

  9. @Samantha, Well it is because we don't believe that pants/shorts, etc. look modest on females. It is also a Christian conviction that we have and we base our beliefs on what the Bible has to say about modesty. Thanks for asking! :)


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