My Journey With Back Problems

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Growing up, we always had swings on which to play. My dad would use huge tractor tires cut in half and make the most amazing swings for us...we were very popular kids to play with in the summer time! :) These particular swings were hung from extremely tall trees in the front yard and would seriously FLY when they were pushed hard enough. Being that it was a tractor tire, you could seat up to 6 people in one swing and it would make for the best ride.

One day, I was on one of these swings by myself and my brother was pushing me. We decided that it would be fun to twist the swing up and let it unwind (which also made for a pretty exciting ride!). Suddenly, while the swing was unwinding, the rope broke and the swing fell 4 feet onto the ground. My foot was squished under the heavy tire and my ankle was twisted. Little did I know that a twisted ankle was the least of my injuries. 

It wasn't until several years later that I discovered that my back had sustained an injury from that very fall. I was suffering from pretty bad back pain for some time and so my mom took me to a chiropractor. The doctor took x-rays and those revealed a deteriorated disc in my lower back. During that same visit to the doctor, she also discovered a curvature in my spine...Scoliosis. I count it a blessing to have these issues caught while I was still a developing teenager. Because of the early diagnosis, both issues have now been corrected successfully and I am pretty much pain-free. I still see a chiropractor once in awhile (especially when I am pregnant) and cannot believe how much better I am now. Thank you Lord! :)

This is a sponsored post for Healthy Back, however, all the points and views are my own.

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