Saving Money Is A CINCH!

4:18 PM

How many of you out there use coupons? Are any of you extreme couponers...meaning you go to the store and walk out with three cart loads of groceries that only cost you $23.99? I am nowhere near that accomplishment but I do clip coupons. Someday I might be like that our family grows, so will our grocery bill!! I grew up in a home where my parents had six children to raise. On Sunday afternoons, my mom could always be found going through the Sunday paper coupon inserts and clipping coupons. She was adamant about saving money and boy was she good at it!

Now that I am a mother myself, I know the importance of saving money. My husband has a good job and we are not hurting for money. However, I still think it is important to be frugal and try to be judicious with our money. We currently have two children in diapers and believe me, diapers can be SO expensive! So, out of necessity, I have become a coupon-clipper. Most of my coupons come from newspaper inserts, but I am also able to find some really great online coupons and discounts.

Saving money doesn't just occur at the grocery store or Walmart. You can also find ways to save money at amusement parks, restaurants and hotels. With vacation season here, finding extra savings can really help to make your vacation more enjoyable because you don't have to worry about breaking the bank and having to scrimp and save when you get home.

Many times, before our family goes out to eat we will look online for coupons for whichever restaurant we are going to. There are some really great coupons out there that can be found if you just take a quick peek. If you are looking for a good resource on which you can find coupon codes, be sure to check out as they have loads of discounts listed.

So what about you? Where do you go to print coupons and save money? Leave me a comment and let me know...I always like to find new resources for my coupon-clipping fingers. :)

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