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I am NOT a fan of the hot weather and I hate humidity. Ugg...there is nothing worse than trying to work outside and it is sooo hot, you can hardly breathe. It is hot here where I live, but not as hot as some places. Thankfully we have our share of cooler weather. Needless to say, in the hot months of summer I drink a ton of water. When I was pregnant, I would actually carry a large water bottle around with me regardless of what time of year it was...water is very addicting to me. I am also a fan of flavored water. To me, water is water and when it comes to trying to get my children to drink water, flavored tends to encourage them more than plain. If the water has anything nutritious added to it, that is a welcome bonus for me. :)
Well, today I have the opportunity of introducing a brand new flavored water to you all and it is unlike anything you have ever tried before! Omega3Water is water that is packed with omega-3 nutrients, which are very beneficial to your health. Many people today do not realize the benefits of these important nutrients, which is why this water was created. Here is a bit more about this product, and why it was developed...

Dr. Edward Beja, Optometric Physician, President and CEO of Ponce de Leon Enterprises created and developed a natural two flavored (Bold Berry and Orange Citrus) Omega-3 fortified water with Vitamins A, B (3,5,6,12), C, and D and Calcium. Kosher and vegetarian friendly. His purpose was to provide a unique natural healthy beverage that contained Omega-3 which may assist people in living a longer younger healthier life. Dr. Beja has educated his patients about the power of Omega-3 for many years. Join the many others drinking the World's First Omega-3Water®.

Omega-3 nutrients can also help reduce the risk of heart disease (which is in my family), slow the aging process, ease stress and depression, lower cholesterol, improve memory and many other things too! I was also thrilled to read that omega-3's can also help with arthritis. I have Lupus and do take a supplement that includes important oils. Obviously, if you have joint issues, oil can help lubricate those joints to make friction less painful. Sometimes, I wonder why doctors are so quick to hand out prescriptions when all they need to do is educate their patients on taking more natural routes to better health.
So, for this review I was sent a case of Omega3Water...for myself and to share with others. When my box of water arrived, I had a friend over and she (someone who tries to have a healthy diet) was able to try some too!
This water currently comes in two flavors: Bold Berry and Orange Kiwi. One dramatic difference between these and other flavored waters that I have tried is the look of it. This water is colored. Most flavored waters I know about are clear. So, it was different to see the colors.
Both my daughter and my friend tried the Orange Kiwi first. My friend said that she could definitely tell that it was made out of oil. She said that it was subtle, but that yes, she could taste the oil. This water is sourced from flax seed so rest assured, there is no fish oil or fish flavor to it!
My daughter did not care for the Orange Kiwi at all. I think part of the problem was that I didn't chill it first. BIG no-no. She prefers her beverages cold.So I added ice to the Bold Berry and she loved it!
When it came to my turn to try these waters, I poured my two glasses and tried both. My favorite has to be the Bold Berry. I LOVE berry flavored drinks and so this was perfect for me. Yes, I could taste the oil as well but it was not as noticeable as with the orange flavor. To me, this water is very tasty and makes getting my Omega-3's simple. 

Currently, the only stores that sell Omega3Water are retailers located in New Jersey. However, as this product grows in popularity and demand, other retailers will be added! You can purchase Omega3Water online from and it retails for $26.99 for a case of 12 (mixed or individual flavors). Also, starting this week you can find Omega3Water on and Ebay!
If you would like to keep up with Omega3Water, you can do so by liking them on Facebook and by following them on Twitter. They are also on Pinterest

So, in my opinion...Omega3Water is great! I love the idea of having the omega-3 nutrients infused into my water...what a fabulous way to get the extra boost that you need in your diet!! I would definitely recommend this product to anyone and also to those of you who struggle with health issues. Great product, excellent benefits and definitely well worth the money!

Disclaimer: I received no monetary compensation for this post. I did receive free product for review purposes from Omega3Water. All quotes and stock photos are from the Omega3Water website and email. All thoughts and opinions are 100% mine.

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