Classic Cars

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When I was growing up, I never really had much to say about classic cars. However, my uncle was into the hobby of restoring classic cars and I always remember him having one in his garage that he was currently working on. It was a wonderful hobby for him and always kept him busy. It seems that throughout my life, I always have someone that I know that loves old cars...ahem...classic cars. :)

My first job was working at a u-pick fruit and vegetable farm and one of the handymen there was into restoring classic cars as well. Actually, he actively looked for classic cars for sale so he could restore and re-sell them. He had a really cute car that he and his wife took out for drives once in a while and the color was an amazing candy apple red. looked so sharp going down the road! That was another person in my life that I knew who loved the old, classic cars.

Then, I met my husband. His father is also into restoring classic cars and when I first visited my future in-laws, my husband-to-be took me out to his father's workshop. Inside, his dad had a whole area in which he worked on old vehicles. Wow...there were at least two vehicles that were in the process of being restored and hubby's dad was really looking forward to retiring so he could work on them more. You know how it have a hobby that requires a lot of time but because you work full time, you just don't have the time to commit to it. My husband's father just retired recently and now that the weather is getting better, he probably will be spending more time out in his shop working on his cars.

So, having a classic car hobby isn't all that bad from what I can see. The old cars are so neat looking, it is wonderful that people actually take the time to restore them.

This is a sponsored post however; all thoughts and opinions are 100% mine. 

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