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Wow, so we are just about into June here and I am sooo excited for June to get here! Several reasons son is going to be celebrating his 3rd birthday and it brings back so many memories when I think back to his birthday. He was my very first VBAC and although it was a difficult labor, every minute with him since has been wonderful. The other reason I am excited for June is because my brother is getting married!! He is marrying his childhood sweetheart and our entire family is just thrilled to death that they are finally getting married. I was talking to my future sister-in-law and she told me that when they were children, everyone said that one day they would get married but they just didn't believe it. I actually have a picture of the two of them when they were like 5 and they are walking down a road holding hands. Awww, I always knew they would get married someday.

So, wedding season is in full swing and I recently saw a friend post on Facebook about how there was a wedding she went to and the bride and groom had rented a photo booth (or Capture Pod)! How cool is that. When you go to a mall there are photo booths planted in the center of the main thoroughfare and you can stop and for a few dollars, make a few memories.

How about renting a photo booth for your wedding or special occasion and then letting your guests enjoy themselves all while making some memories! I have seen some hysterical pictures that have come from some of these booths and to be honest, I kind of wish I had thought of that when I was married. The creativity can bubble over and you will also be able to preserve the more "unique" moments of the day. What about you? Did you ever rent a photo booth for your special day or event? If so, how did it go? Did you die laughing when you saw the photos being pumped out of it? I would LOVE to hear your story so please do leave a comment with your funny photo booth story.

This is a sponsored post however, all thoughts and opinions are 100% mine.

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  1. I never thought you could even rent a photo both, how neat would that be to have at a party or special day! The only time I ttok pics in a photo booth ws with my oldest sons, we had so much fun making funny faces and what not!! LOL

  2. Wow, your brother and future sister-in-law's wedding and story sounds too perfect! Congrats to them!
    I have actually heard about renting out a photobooth for a special occasion/party and it seems like a really fun activity that the bride and groom, plus the guests, can do to make the day more special and memorable.

  3. I do think this would be super fun to rent a photo booth for a special occasion. I know my son would enjoy it very much since he always loves taking pictures with these booths.
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