Little Tykes

Kick Back and Play Summer Sweepstakes!!

11:06 AM

I don't know about you but my little ones are really enjoying this great weather we have been experiencing here. The trees are just about fully budded, the grass is green and the flowers have popped up. It is looking like it will be a wonderful summer and the fun has just begun!

Today, I would like to let you in on a chance to WIN some fantastic summer prizes including a new washer and dryer, Little Tykes Playground and a years supply of Purex!! Woo Hoo! Ok, so if you want to enter this sweepstakes, simply click HERE. Winning could not be any easier and with great prizes like these, you are going to want to get your entries in! Oh, and to increase your chances of winning you can enter DAILY!
So, right now my children have a really OLD style Little Tykes playground set that we acquired from a garbage pile. Yep, someone tossed it but it was in great condition so we brought it home and our children have loved playing on it. Presently, they are on it as we speak. This summer we look forward to more fun days spent outdoors enjoying the weather, fun and play times here at home and also at the local park! What about you? Do you have anything fun planned for this summer? What would YOU like to win from this sweepstakes? I am just drooling over the play set...hope one of you wins!! :)

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