Get Ready for Summer Camp!

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When I was growing up, I had a serious problem leaving home. I guess you could say I had chronic homesickness sickness...if there is such a thing. Sooo, while I was a homebody, my brother was usually away at camp. My parents were very picky about summer camps for teens so he usually only went to 1-2 week long summer camps. It never really bothered me that I didn't go because I honestly just enjoyed staying home. We had a pool at home, just like they did at camp so I wasn't missing much there. Plus I was not an athletic type of girl so those types of activities didn't interest me at all. When my brother came home with stories of how much fun he had and how many friends he made, I was happy for him but certainly, not jealous.

Well, summer is upon us once again and parents will beginning their search for a good summer camp to send their kids to. I for one won't be looking for a summer camp because my children are still too you. I live relatively close to a pretty large lake and I know that every year there are numerous groups that come in and host summer camps. I am especially thrilled when I hear about camps for special needs children. How nice that even they can enjoy a time away from home and get a taste of what camp is like. I just love that.

The other aspect about summer camps that I think most parents enjoy is the fact that their children are out of the house for awhile. I am still at the stage where I miss my children if I am away from them for 3 hours so sending them away to camp isn't the first thing on my mind right now. Maybe one day...or not. :) So, parents, as you prepare for the summer don't forget to allow your children to enjoy every minute of their summer. Make it fun for them and be sure they stay safe, let this be the summer they will remember forever!!

This is a sponsored post however; all thoughts and opinions are 100% mine.

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  1. I'm with you on the missing the children! I never went to summer camp but always thought it sounded fun.

  2. My children would not have wanted to be away from me for long when they were young. But I did send them to a day camp for a few hours a day. They did enjoy that.
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