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If you have a little guy in your home who is getting to the age where everything goes "zoom!" and "VROOM", then you probably have loads of cars and trucks for him to play with. My son is 21 months and has just really become fascinated with those little matchbox cars. He will have one in his hand at any given time of the day...including bedtime! We have a horrible time keeping track of them too. They go EVERYWHERE! I fish them out from under furniture, my piano, piles of shoes and toys and beds. It is nice to have toys like these though to help him develop his sense of boy hood. Having a big sister around means that there are loads of dollies, strollers, ribbons and a barrettes but not many toys for boys. This is the other reason I am glad for little cars and trucks for Jacob. He just LOVES them!
In keeping with our baby shower theme, I have a great company to introduce you to that carries not only newborn and infant products, but also toddler toys! I received many toys for my first baby at my shower and it was nice to be able to pull them out when my daughter was old enough for them.
Hello Baby is a UK based company that offers a plethora of products for both babies and toddlers. Whatever you are looking for, Hello Baby probably has it for you! Here is a bit more about this company...

At Hello Baby we love quality, fun and practical baby and nursery products. Our company is based in historical St Albans, UK. We also care for the environment and stock a range of ethical baby products such as reusable nappies and organic skincare. We work hard to provide an excellent level of customer service.

We stock a fantastic selection of baby and nursery stuff in our online shop including furniture, feeding equipment, toys, activities, safety and travel stuff, all at great prices. Shipping is FREE over £50 to mainland UK addresses and most items are shipped within 24 hours. We deliver worldwide.

I really love that they stock brand name items such as Lamaze, Little Tykes, Safety 1st and many others. Having brand names also makes shopping convenient and fast if you are looking for a specific type of product.
So, for this review I was sent a Brio Classic Wooden Car for my son. I knew it would be perfect for him and would really add a nice touch to his growing collection of cars.
It arrived very promptly and I opened it for him right away. This car is not a tiny little car is big enough for him to hold and carry around. I love how the wheels have nice treads on them too!! Awesome! The whole "build" of the car is very durable and seems like it will last a long time for us, which is great.
My little guy was very anxious to get his little hands on this car and as soon as I gave it to him he was zooming it all over my house. I got a few pictures of him enjoying it and as you can see, he LOVES it!
The only problem we had was trying to keep big sister away from it so Jacob could play with it in peace! :) He was (and still is) VERY protective of his Brio Classic Wooden Car! Oh, and this car FLIES when it is pushed across the floor. He was chasing it from one end of my house to the other and it kept him occupied for quite a while! 

When daddy got home from work on the day we opened Jacob's car, he also loved playing with it! Good to know that toys not only entertain children, but adults too! :) 
The Brio Classic Wooden Car - Blue is available from the online nursery shop Hello Baby. Hello Baby also sells a wide range of other baby and nursery stuff including Baby Toys, nursery furniture, baby travel and baby safety products. If you would like to keep up with Hello Baby on their social media platforms, it is simple to do! Like them on Facebook and connect with them on Twitter so you don't miss anything new and exciting that they are offering.
Baby Banz Adventurer Sunglasses - Pink Preview
So, in my opinion...Hello Baby has some awesome products! I love the Brio Classic Wooden Car that I was sent for my son and he loves it as well! It is durable, easy to handle and very fast too. This would make a great gift for a mom-to-be who is expecting a boy...she could pack it away until he is old enough to use it and from that point on, it will definitely be a favorite toy for him! I would definitely recommend this company to anyone looking to purchase high quality toys and gifts for newborns and toddlers.

Disclaimer: I received no monetary compensation for this post. I did receive a Brio Classic Wooden Car for review purposes. All quotes and stock photos are from the Hello Baby website and email.  All thoughts and opinions are 100% mine.

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