Floor Mats Will Save Your Car!

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Where I live, we go through very long and cold winters. This means that we get alot of snow (most of the time...this winter was an exception) and the roads get VERY icy. When we go through heavy snow storms, a very common sight around here are snowplows out and about, salting the roads and clearing the slush from the pavements. It is always wonderful to see the plow go by because it means that the roads are well on their way to being ice-free again.

The one thing that I hate about winter time is the fact that the car gets soooo dirty very quickly. When I get into the car to drive somewhere, my boots are covered with snow and that snow melts and turns to water. This makes the floor of my car very wet and soggy. I can't imagine what that does to the underside of the carpeting!!  Then, when I go to a store and get out in the salted parking lot, that salt gets tracked right back into my car! Salt is VERY damaging and erodes through things very quickly (as I am sure you all well know).

It is for this very reason that I go shopping for floor mats for cars right before winter comes. I usually try to find a rubber mat that has sides on it to catch the water, salt and grime that gets tracked in. This way, the mess stays contained and my car doesn't take quite as bad a beating during these nasty months. Floor mats that are designed for this type of weather can be on the pricey side but are well worth it when you see the mess that they prevent. So, when you are making plans for the winter and getting your vehicle ready for bad weather, don't forget the floor mats! They can really save you and your car some serious problems.

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