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Hello everyone and welcome to my second post that is dedicated to my Baby Shower Gift Guide Event! So glad you stopped by!

Anyway, today was a pretty busy and tiring day for me. I did a friend a HUGE favor and baby sat her 3 children for 6 hours. Between my 2 children and her 3, I had 5 children under the age of 7...which made for one crazy day. I could not believe how exhausted I felt at the end of my babysitting adventure. I knew I could survive the day but was unsure as to how I would feel afterwards. Believe just about 36 weeks pregnant, this momma was tired. At the end of my day if I am feeling especially tired, I like to take a bit of "me time" and pamper my weary body. This next company that I am going to introduce to you all today offers such a lovely line of pregnancy skin care products that are sure to give you the comfort, pampering and relaxation that you deserve!!
Mama Mio is a skin care company that was founded in London. Their skin care products are unique and very different as they cater to not only pregnant women, but also any woman looking to give her skin the best in care and nourishment. Containing no nasty chemicals, Mama Mio's products are especially designed with women's skin in mind. Before I continue on with this review, here is a bit more about this company and the lovely ladies who founded it...

Founded in London by 4 beauty experts, Mama Mio is a very personal creation. Our skincare expertise gives us the know-how, but first and foremost we are 4 women who want to feel good in our skin. We selfishly create each product to solve the skincare issues that we want to overcome, using the very best ingredients at their highest potency to ensure that every product really works. We believe that, whatever your shape, your age or your stage, if your skin looks FIT, toned, nourished and glowing - you will feel and look your most gorgeous.

Right now, my current "stage", if you will, is VERY pregnant. I wish I had found Mama Mio earlier in my pregnancy as I could really have benefited from the pregnancy line of products that they offer. But, as I have heard, their pregnancy offerings can be used AFTER my expectancy as well so I am good to go!
So, for this review I was sent their Pregnancy Essentials Kit and I was very excited to try out these lovely products! Inside of my box of goodies I found three amazing tubes of creams...all created to help me enjoy my pregnancy more. This box contains:
*Boob Tube Bust & Neck Firmer
*Tummy Rub Stretch Mark Butter
*Lucky Legs Rapid Relief for Heavy Legs and Feet

After showering this evening, I eagerly began to try each of these products. The first product I tried was the Boob Tube. I know, sounds strange, but really - hang with me a minute. 
This cream contains CoQ10, Avocado Oil, fenugreek, Shea Butter and Milk Thistle. All of these ingredients are great for the skin, not to mention that they come straight from nature so they are clean and pure too! It is recommended that you smooth this cream onto your neck and down over and under your breasts. It is designed to help with stretch marks and sagging (something that a nursing mom well understands!!). The scent is really great too and is very relaxing.
Next, I went for the Tummy Rub. Sometimes when I look down at my stomach, I think that there is absolutely NO hope for my stretching skin. But, the good news is that I can definitely work on what I have and lessen the appearance of the stretch marks. The Tummy Rub is thick, creamy and applies very evenly. The ingredients in this wonderful cream include Shea Butter, Wheatgerm and Borage Oils. Shea Butter helps to elasticize the skin (which is GREAT for a stretching belly). As with the Boob Tube, this product also smells terrific.
And now, for my most favorite product from Mama Mio...the Lucky Legs cream. Like the description of the cream says, this product is the "jackpot of remedies" for tired, aching, hot and heavy legs. Being pregnant really puts a tremendous strain on your legs and feet. There is also alot of swelling and water retention that takes place as well and sometimes, I feel like my legs are just huge logs. Well, if you feel like that at the end of the day then I highly suggest using Lucky Legs. Ingredients include Yarrow, V-tonic Spearmint, Chamomile and Aloe Vera. I used this on my legs tonight and could not even BEGIN to tell you how awesome it felt! I had just shaved my legs as well and there was absolutely no burning or irritation. This cream contains a shimmery glitter and so it makes you feel gorgeous...and pampered all at the same time! Immediately, my legs were cooled, tingling and felt soooo wonderful. I would put this on the top of my mommy-must-have list...for sure!!
This Pregnancy Essentials Kit is available for purchase directly from Mama Mio's website for $28. It is also noteworthy to mention that this trio makes a great travel companion for the expectant mother as the tubes are small and compact. How can you connect with Mama Mio for more skin care hints, tips and products? Check them out on Facebook, follow them on Twitter and sign up to get their newsletter! So many options!
So, in my opinion...Mama Mio would give you some great options when it comes to choosing a baby shower gift for a special mommy-to-be. My personal favorite out of the products I was sent is the Lucky Legs cream...amazing!!! Their products are clean, fresh and pure and really help to de-stress and relax. I would definitely recommend this company to ANY woman!!

Disclaimer: I received no monetary compensation for this post. I did receive a Pregnancy Essentials Kit for review purposes. All quotes and stock photos are from the Mama Mio website and email. All thoughts and opinions are 100% mine. 

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