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Well, we are shortly going to be rounding the corner from spring into summer. But, because it is still April I am not counting on really gorgeous weather for a while yet. We still have some chilly, rainy and windy days that keep us indoors but once in awhile, we are blessed with warmer temperatures. My children LOVE to be outside and because I am so very pregnant right now, I just sit in a lawn chair and watch them play. My daughter, who is 3 1/2 is especially excited to play outside because she is getting to an age where she is very independent and loves to do things on her own. Because the weather is so unpredictable, I never really know what we are doing from day to day. If it is nice outside, then we are out. If it is crummy, then we are in. One day, I let her walk to the mailbox with me in the rain and she loved it! She had an umbrella and felt so special to be in the rain. Remember those days as a kid? I do...and oh, what a treat it was to be outside splashing in puddles on rainy days.
When it comes to making sure your mini puddle jumpers are ready for the spring showers, I have one company that I am going to introduce you to today that will get them all decked out for whatever those rainy days bring! Kidorable is a company that makes children's apparel and accessories fun, practical and VERY useful. Before I continue on, here is a bit of history from Kidorable...

In 1997, Kidorable sprung from the minds, hearts and efficiency apartment of Liping and Jonathan Domsky. They proclaimed, "The world needs someone to create children's apparel and accessories that are both functional and fun. We can do that."

And so Kidorable was conceived. Starting with lions and cats and bears, oh my, manifested as umbrellas and hangers, Kidorable generated enough sales during its first year to break even and plant fruitful Kidorable seeds throughout the land. The following year sales grew ten fold. Every year since, give or take, a new style and/or product line debuted. And every year, the world joyfully embraced more Kidorable delights, give or take, than the year before.

I for one have been completely impressed by what I have seen on Kidorable's website. The creativity and imagination that bounces around in this company is wonderful! Each product is made with kids in mind, and each item would be embraced and totally loved by any child.
So, for this review I was sent a Kidorable Butterfly Raincoat for my little girl. As it so happens, when the raincoat came in the mail, Hannah had gotten a boo boo from the door slamming into the back of her heel and she was NOT a happy camper. When I pulled this adorable raincoat out of the box, she immediately forgot her troubles and tears were gone!
This rain coat is sooo features butterfly decals on the front and backs of the sleeves, and is a really girly purple color.
Also, it has the cutest little pocket on the front that has a zipper so that the rain will stay out. I just love the cute butterfly antennas!

Each snap on this coat looks like a small flower and the snaps themselves are plastic and very easy for little hands to maneuver. The first time Hannah tried on this coat she had a bit of difficulty figuring out how to snap it up, but once I showed her, she was a pro!
Seriously, I think my darling wore this coal ALL NIGHT until bed time. It was her focus for the rest of the day and still is! She absolutely loves it. We cannot wait for the next rainy day to try it out!
When you purchase any of the Kidorable Raincoats, they automatically come with a matching hanger so you can store the coat in a closet. I love this idea because it can be so hard to find hangers (around my house anyways) for smaller coats. Isn't this hanger adorable???
The Kidorable Raincoats vary in price from $36 to $45 depending on what style you want. Kidorable also has a store locator on their website on which you can find a store that carries their products near you. There are tons of stores around me and I am really happy about that!

So, in my opinion...Kidorable is a fantastic company! My daughter is completely and utterly taken by her new rain coat and I am thrilled that she has something to wear when it rains outside! I am also really happy with the quality of Kidorable's products. They really seem like they put alot of effort into each item that they sell and as a mom, I love this. Should I have any more girls, I am sure this raincoat will make many happy smiles through the years!
Kidorable has offered to give away a Kidorable Umbrella in winner's choice! I am so excited about are your entry options! :)

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Disclaimer: I received no monetary compensation for this post.I did receive free Kidorable Raincoat for review purposes. All quotes and stock photos are from the Kidorable website and email. Prize is being provided and shipped by the sponsor.  All thoughts and opinions are 100% mine.

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  1. I love the ladybug umbrella. Thanks for hosting!

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    landfjacobson @

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    tcogbill at live dot com

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  17. Hi! I was wondering what size you received for your daughter? thanks!

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