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Posted by Winford Tillman

My husband and I started a tradition on our tenth wedding anniversary. We really like to watch the Travel Channel together, thanks to our direct tv boise, and we always dream about taking trips to the exotic places we see on there. My husband had the idea that for every fifth wedding anniversary, we take a trip to somewhere we saw on the Travel Channel. I did not think we could afford to spend that kind of money traveling, but my husband came up with a plan that would involve us saving money in between each trip so that we would have the money to spend when it was time for the trip. For our first trip, we decided to go to Paris. I have always wanted to go to Paris and although it was not my husband’s first choice, he agreed and thoroughly enjoyed the trip. It was so romantic and there were so many famous sites that we were able to see. We were gone for 10 days and we probably could have stayed for a month without seeing everything I wanted to see. I cannot wait until our next trip.

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