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OKA b. Shoes Review ~PLUS~ Online Gift Certificate

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With the summer weather here, I am planning on being outdoors a lot. My children absolutely LOVE to be outside and we are usually in the back yard swinging, sliding or playing in the garden. Our family also does alot of street preaching and so that means a lot of travelling and time on my feet. Uncomfortable shoes are NOT an option for me. I need something that wears well and that is suitable for long periods of time on my feet. I also like a shoe that looks good enough to wear to church and for special occasions. My summer sandals get TONS of use so therefore they look kind of ratty by the end of the season. I just recently had to throw out a pair of my most favorite sandals EVER. Bleah...not fun. So, I have been looking for a new pair of sandals.
My quest to find comfortable and affordable shoes led me to a company that I am going to introduce you to today. OKA b. Shoes is a company whose logo is "Shoes That Love You". How great is that? I could really stop there as that speaks volumes, but I have so much more to share about this wonderful company!

OKA b. Shoes was founded with the idea that comfort and fashion can co-exist. Here is more about this company...

Where The Spa Meets the Street...
OKA b. is founded on the principle that fashion and comfort should never be mutually exclusive. Imagine a shoe that not only looks great with every outfit but feels great with every step. A sandal given the thumbs up by your doctor and your best friend. A slide that matches your wedding gown and massages your feet as you dance down the aisle. A flip-flop so stylish it's featured in fashion magazines. A shoe that's 100% recyclable, waterproof, made in the USA and priced under $40.
That's not only a shoe you'll love. That's a shoe that loves you.
Honestly, I wish I had know about OKA b. Shoes when I was married. I wore heels and by the time the reception came around my feet were screaming! Especially since I broke my foot 2 months before my wedding and my bones were still healing. YUCK! So, you can see why shoe comfort is now important to me!
So, for this review I was sent a pair of OKA b. Shoes and the style name is Bridget. The color I was sent was Licorice (black). When these shoes arrived I was very excited to try them on! When I opened the package I was really impressed with the way they were packaged!
They were wrapped in a sheer bag and tied with a silky ribbon. Very nice presentation. I think that if you are looking for a good gift for someone these shoes would be wrapping needed!
The next test came when I tried them on. I do not like flip flop style shoes. Period. I am the type of person that likes NOTHING between my toes. So I was wondering how these would feel on my feet. So, on they went and to my surprise they felt great! They will take a bit of getting used to as they are still stiff and new but once they are broken in I am positive that they will be a favorite shoe for me.
Not only do these shoes from OKA b. Shoes feel great, they are super cute too! I love the little flower on adds so much class. Along with the beauty of these shoes, there is also practicality. OKA b. Shoes are machine washable so you can keep them clean and sanitized throughout the life of the shoes. They also have a reflexology design that includes massage beads and an ergonomic foot bed.

You can keep up with OKA b. Shoes on Twitter, Facebook and their blog! Stay connected so you don't miss a thing! :)

For a limited time, until May 31, you can get a free $10 Gift Certificate that is good towards any shoe on OKA b. Shoes website! All you need to do is click the picture below. That's it! So these super cute shoes I received will only cost you $25!! That is a super deal.
Comfortable Shoes Promotion
So, in my opinion...OKA b. Shoes is a wonderful company! My feet are really loving the massage that they get every time I slip my shoes's a great feeling! The prices are reasonable and the quality and durability is superb. I definitely recommend OKA b. Shoes to you if you are looking for a trendy change this summer when it comes to your foot wear. Visit them today and start your OKA b. experience!

Disclaimer: I received no monetary compensation for this post. I did receive a pair of OKA b. Shoes for review purposes. All quotes are from the OKA b. Shoes website and email. All thoughts and opinions are 100% mine.

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  1. Those are so cute! I'm going to their site right now...if the toddler on my lap will let me. :)

  2. those look SO cute, and they would hold up great at the pool with all that chlorine water!

  3. I've tried sandals like these and don't like the little raised spots - over time they hurt my feet, but I do like the cute flower and variety of colors!

  4. I'm not a fan of things between my toes either. Perhaps these would be ok since they didn't bother you!

  5. Those are really cute! I love the chocolate brown ones with the pastel flowers.


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