Beat Wintertime Nasal Congestion with Afrin No Drip!

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Well, the cold weather is upon us and winter is about to begin officially. I cannot believe that we are out of fall, past Thanksgiving and 2 1/2 WEEKS AWAY from CHRISTMAS!! This has been a really nice season for us here in NY and we have been enjoying some warmer days. Just the other day I was outside with my two older children and we were cleaning up the outdoor toys in the was gorgeous. There were no heavy coats needed, just sweatshirts and that was wonderful!! Well, as always, I am having some issues with seasonal congestion and in the past, I have just suffered through it. Not any more...I am sticking up for myself against this icky congestion!

Today, I am going to take just a few minutes to tell you about Afrin No Drip...a nasal decongestant that works really well to clear and relieve cold and allergy congestion. As a BzzAgent, I have been given the opportunity to review this product and share it with you! Hopefully it will be of interest to you and will be something that will help you feel better this holiday season.
So, for this review I was sent a bottle of Afrin No Drip to try out. I truly wish I had this when I was expecting my son. I had an awful cold and could take nothing for it. Obviously, I would need to check with my doctor to see if it would have been OK to take while pregnant but this would have helped me immensely.
This nasal spray does not drip down your throat and stays where the congestion is. I haven't used nasal sprays regularly in the past prior to this review, although I have tried them from time to time. I would say that I like the concept of using a nasal spray as opposed to taking a pill as it targets the congestion right where it is.
I will say that Afrin No Drip works very well on me...although the taste is awful. I had a bitter taste in the back of my throat for about 10 minutes after using and that was just with one spray in each nostril. It is recommended that you use 2-3 sprays. All you do is grasp the bottle as shown above, then insert the tip into your nostril. Before you use it for the first time, prime the pump firmly several times. Keeping your head straight, depress the rim and sniff deeply. That's it! Relief is THERE!

Like I said, it cleared my congestion up almost instantly and I felt much better. I didn't care for the taste but if it means my head is clearer, it is worth it! Afrin No Drip retails for about $7.50/bottle and can be purchased online or at a drugstore near you. Check out Afrin on Facebook for more product information and news!

Disclaimer: As a BzzAgent, I received no monetary compensation for this post. I did receive free Afrin Nasal  Decongestant and additional product coupons for review purposes. All thoughts and opinions are 100% mine. Stock photos and quotes are taken from the BzzAgent and Afrin Websites. 

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