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Holiday Gift Guide ~ Enjoy a Faster PC This Holiday Season With System Mechanic 11

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I am not a computer geek at all. My hubby, on the other hand is my "tech support" when I have issues with my computer or have questions about things computer-related. It is sooo nice to be married to a guy who knows his stuff when it comes to technology! He has a Bachelor of Technology degree and boy does it come in handy being married to me! I always feel like such an idiot sometimes because I ask him questions that seem silly to me...but I know they aren't silly at all. I especially feel silly when he sits in front of me and quickly, efficiently and correctly works out my problem. I have always wanted to understand my computer and how it works, but there is so much to it and I am such an amateur. Maybe one day I will understand a little bit but for now, I will be thankful that I have a wonderful hubby who can help me. :)
I was contacted about a month ago and was asked if I was interested in reviewing a program called System Mechanic 11, which was recently released by iolo labs. I thought that this would be a perfect item to add to my Holiday Gift Guide because it is something that everyone can use...even the computer illiterate!! Here is a bit more info about iolo and System Mechanic...

The strength of System Mechanic and its edge over competitors lay in its use of scientific data from iolo Labs, the research arm of iolo technologies. iolo Labs investigates issues in personal computer performance and stability; studies the behavior of applications, services, drivers, and other related tools; and quantifies the impact of a variety of system changes and configurations. iolo Labs research data is then used as the foundation of Tune-up Definitions™, which inject System Mechanic with knowledge about programs, services, updates, and other components that threaten optimal PC operation. With Tune-Up Definitions, System Mechanic is always informed about the latest PC problems and can dynamically adapt to each specific configuration. 

System Mechanic’s 50+ diagnostic, repair, and optimization features are engineered to work together. Rather than running dozens of different – and  possibly conflicting – individual products, you benefit from technology that is 
fully integrated and compatible. 

Further, System Mechanic’s all-in-one design results in a comprehensive 
approach to tune-ups: system analyses are more inclusive, repairs are more 
thorough, and more diagnostic data can be reported and tracked.

Because I am not familiar with my laptop's inner workings, I was a bit nervous to use this program. I just don't know anything about cleaning up my system and typically leave that to my husband. So, I proceeded cautiously.
The first thing I did after installing System Mechanic was a System Analysis. This was so easy to do and the dashboard is so simple to navigate. Within minutes I had a full report on my computer's overall performance status.
The bad news was I needed to do some cleaning. The good news was that all I had to do was review the needed repairs and click a button to make it happen. There was no un-installing programs or rebooting the computer after each action. What I liked the best was that I could choose which tasks I wanted to do and which ones I wanted to leave alone. You can also choose to hide the prompts so you don't keep seeing them.

You know how when you boot up your computer, you have programs that start automatically? Well, I had several that would boot and I never used them. Ever. So, System Mechanic prompted me to disable these programs from starting when the computer was booted. By the way, it also shows you what percentage of people recommend doing the suggested action, which is nice too.
I also love how there is a nice little widget that gets installed on the desktop for monitoring purposes. To the uneducated person (like yours truly), this is a fantastic widget to have. It clearly shows you where your computer is as far as security and cleanliness. It also tells you what you have recently done to your machine and how long ago those tasks were done.

As I was working on my computer, my husband was working at his desk. I kept telling him all the things I was doing and felt a bit educated too. :) I told him that this program keeps the management of my computer simple and easy to understand. For someone who doesn't typically do updates and regular cleaning of my computer, I finally feel like I have the tool I need to properly care for my laptop.
System Mechanic 11 retails for just $39.95...making it a very affordable gift this Christmas Season. I would definitely recommend it to anyone. If I can figure it out and be excited about it, then I am sure you will be too! Check it out today and get your computer on the right road to speed, health and optimal performance!

Disclaimer: I received no monetary compensation for this post. I did receive a free System Mechanic 11 program for review purposes. All quotes and stock photos are from System Mechanic website and email. All thoughts and opinions are 100% mine.

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