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Hello everyone! I have missed you guys! :) Just wanted to check in to let you all know that we have successfully MOVED and are digging out. :) I didn't realize how much stuff I had until I started packing and am now unpacking it all. LOL! If you have ever moved, you know exactly what I am talking about. Anyway, as soon as things calm down here I will be back to regular posting but for now, I have a special guest post for you all! This comes from Lori, over at Her Works Praise Her and she will be talking about suggestions for child training. She is currently raising 6 children and knows all about this topic! Enjoy!


Suggestions For Child Training

I have recently had someone request some ideas of how we train our children to know their Bible so I decided to share some of them here. Some will be quick and easy, others will take time. Some require your involvement, while others they can do on their own. Most require consistency.

1. Devotions, both personal and family. During family devotions my husband has the children take turns reading verses, and often asks them questions regarding the verses they read. Obviously he keeps it at their level. He does not ask the 8 year old the same type of question he asks our 24 year old. Sometimes he has the boys lead devotions, helping to prepare them for when they have their own families. For personal devotions each person needs to find a quiet place for their own reading and prayer. If a child is too young to read someone will read to them, or we use the Bible on CD. This really made our one M feel important that she had a CD to listen to for Bible reading. Also encourage them to keep a prayer journal. Perhaps you could put pictures of family, friends, missionaries etc. together in a book for them to look at as they pray. Let them request prayer for others.

2. Another activity we use is copying the Bible. They each have their own copy book and use it to copy a book of the Bible. We assign a certain amount of time on the days they copy. Most spend at least 1/2 an hour copying. If you have a really young one start with 5-10 minutes. It will also help their English, writing and punctuation skills. Just another added benefit.

3. We also plan crafts based on the Bible. They have made arks out of clay and added animal cracker animals. They also design pictures for their wall that include Bible verses. We made door-posts out of craft sticks and then used water with red food coloring, to study the Passover. Use your imagination and let them use theirs.

4. We have assigned memory verses. For the whole family. We assign verses and give a date when they need to be done. Sometimes we quote them and others we write them out. We do not require as many verses when they are younger. While the older children learn 3-4 verses only 1 is assigned to a younger child. Copying the verses on an index card is a big help. Or placing the memory verses in places around the home where everyone will see them and practice. (Like while brushing teeth) Encourage each other in this. Do not make it a time of competition or discouragement. We want our children to love the Word of God and hide it in their hearts. There may come a day when that is all they will have.

5. Another fun activity is Bible quizzing. My husband lines everyone up and does sword drills. Or we will sit around a table. He asks a question, for which we must find an answer. Sometimes he will give the address of a verse (such as Roman 3:10), and we have to find it. Everyone learns their Bible this way. After telling us what to find, he says "Draw your swords!" and everyone races to find it first. Occasionally he does questions just for the younger ones. This helps the children to know their Bible better.

6. We have times of play witnessing. One person knocks on the other persons door and witnesses. We start out easy, but slowly get more difficult. Sometimes we practice witnessing to a Jehovah's Witness, or Mormon, etc. Not only does this increase their Bible knowledge, but it increases their confidence when in a real situation. Our children really enjoy this and try to make it as difficult as possible.

7. We have stocked our bookshelves with Christian Biographies and older Christian fiction. Also doctrinal books that will help them. Another big portion of our shelf is creation books. Once again, if you have a child that can't read assign another child to read to them. Or something my children really enjoyed was reading a book into a recorder, then the others could listen to it also.

8. Keep loads of tapes and CD's on hand for them to listen to. Get CD's of preachers, evangelists and missionaries for them to listen to. They can play them in the car, while going to sleep, or during a quiet time. Have plenty of good quality Christian music for them to listen to. And of course they can always listen to the Bible on CD. And then encourage them to use these. Stop filling them with the world and get them excited about the Word of God.

9. Each of our children has a favorite old missionary or preacher and we encourage them to collect books, etc. on that person. Sam Jones and Peter Cartwright are two favorites in our family. One of the younger girls likes Billy Sunday. Use these to encourage them. Find out what you can about these individuals. We have visited the Billy Sunday Museum and home site, and have been to Sam Jones home. We also visited Sgt. Yorks Museum, another of my sons favorites. Things like this might just be what encourages your child to preach or go to the mission field.

10. Another obvious way is to teach them the Books if the Bible. You would be amazed how many supposed Christians we meet who can not quote the books of the Bible. Once again it is something that will help them find things quicker in their own Bible.

11. When they were little we even changed the name of games. Instead of Duck, Duck, Goose, we played Adam, Adam, Eve. It doesn't take a whole lot of imagination to change things like that.

12. Something else is to allow them to act out Bible account. Let them work together and then show you their results. Let them make costumes and props. Sometimes this can be a little amusing.

I think that will be all for now. If you have an idea please post it in the comments, you never know who you might help or encourage in that way. And remember to use all you can to encourage your children in their knowledge of the Bible. It will help them to first of all come to Christ as their Saviour, then it will help them to grow, witness to others, and as I said before, there may come a day when their Bible is taken away and all they will have is what they have memorized.

Her Works Praise Her

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