The Woes of a Leaky Tub

11:05 PM

Our house in which we currently live was built in the 60's and most of the original handiwork is still evident. The tub is the original tub, complete with heavy duty brass pipe work. The kitchen counter tops are white with little gold flecks throughout and the hood on the stove LOOKS like the original. HA! We never updated anything because we knew we probably would not be staying here permanently and wanted to get a good price for the house when we re-sold it.

Ever since we have lived here the bathtub has had issues draining. It works, but the little lever that you press down to drain the tub seemed floppy and sometimes would not allow the tub to drain well. By the way, if you need a good plumber, Roto-Rooter Plumbing is a very popular company and I see their trucks all over my area so they have to be good! Since we have sold the house, my husband thought that we should try to fix it so the new owner would not have any issues with it. We unscrewed the cover and pulled out this long piece that had several hinged areas on it. This was the plug. After inspecting the piece that we had extracted, we cleaned it well and replaced it. Because it was not broken, we didn't buy a new one and just put the old one back in the drain. We put the cover back on and went about our day. The next evening, we were in the basement and I went into our half bathroom. To my shock and utter dismay, the floor was wet. We had no idea what the issue was and tried to trouble shoot the problems.

As I was standing there trying to figure out what the issue was, it hit me. We had taken that cover off to inspect and possibly repair the drain but when we put the cover back on, it was not screwed in tightly. Sooo, the problem had to be that water was leaking around that area. My dad (who is a real Mr. Fix-it) came over to look at it. He did some inspecting and determined that the piece was too loose and needed to be tightened. He bought some new screws so that they would look nice and re-tightened the cover. After filling the tub all the way to the top, I went to the basement to look for leaks. There were NONE! Hooray! Boy, was I glad that it was an easy fix. When you start messing with old things like our bathtub, you can run into a domino effect and have a whole lot more trouble than you bargained for so we have since learned to proceed carefully and be very thorough! Hopefully, we won't have that happen again. :)

This is a sponsored post however, all the points and views are my own.

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