My Hubby's Favorite Christmas Present

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Our family had a wonderful Christmas this year. I was amazed at how we planned to get the children gifts and then a week before Christmas, hubby walks in the door with loads of presents for them. We always get too much but it is soo fun to give them new things to enjoy!! Because I am on a very, very VERY limited budget, I was not able to buy a whole lot for my husband, but I did have a few things in mind that I knew he wanted.

I think the one thing that he needed was a really good electric shaver. He had been talking about getting a new shaver for some time now and it has been several years since I have given him one. Even the best straight razors out there were just not doing as good a job as he needed. His facial hair is very thick and rigid so he pretty much dulls straight razors after one use. We have been trying different brands and types of blades but nothing has been working as well. He was also tired of catching his skin and bleeding after each shave. Even with shaving cream, he was still having issues with his skin bleeding.

So, when I headed out to do my shopping for him I knew that I wanted to get him an electric razor. As I stood in front of the men's razor section of the store I was amazed at all the different brands and how high the prices went. Honestly, you could easily spend over $80 for a really good electric razor. My budget did not allow me to spoil my man that much so I settled for a $40 razor. This was a razor that would meet his needs and provide him with a close and clean shave.

When we did our Christmas as a family (which was actually the day after Christmas), he was VERY excited about getting a new razor. So excited in fact, he ran to the bathroom and plugged it in immediately. He could not wait to try it out! Several hours after charging it he gave himself a shave. I was impressed. I don't think his face has ever felt so smooth!!

My husband went from shaving twice a week to shaving daily, all thanks to his new razor. I like to think it was his favorite Christmas gift because he uses it so much. Hopefully, it will last him awhile and he (and I) will enjoy it in the months to come!

This is a sponsored post however, all the points and views are my own.

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