Packing and Preparing

4:21 AM

Hi everyone! I just wanted to give you all a brief heads-up on what is going on here in my little corner of the world. We are preparing to move our family next week sometime (Lord willing) and so I may be a bit sparse in posting (lack of Internet, packing and unpacking, etc.). I have been trying to pack boxes every day and still, it seems like I have such a long way to go. Today, hubby moved a bunch of boxes from the basement out into the garage so it would be easier to move to into the truck...he kept saying how hard it was to move so many boxes. This will definitely be an interesting experience for our family! :)

Hannah is a bit perplexed as to why all her books and toys are being packed up. She keeps handing me things saying "Mommy, we need to take this to the new house...don't forget it!" She doesn't realize that everything is going to the new house. It's cute to watch her pick through things and tell me what not to forget to take with us. She will bring me the most random things and ask me to put it in a box. Too cute.
Thankfully, we are moving only about 5 minutes from our current house so it should be pretty quick to move stuff.
All this and I am on a diet. My family (parents, siblings and sibling's significant others) are in a weight loss competition and all participants are putting $10 towards a VISA gift card that will go to the winner of the competition. Needless to say, I have totally re-vamped my diet and am now exercising regularly...and drinking 100 ounces of water a day (helloooo bathroom!). I do have to be careful though because I am breastfeeding and so I am just trying to cut sugar down and incorporate more fruits and veggies. Actually, it isn't as bad as I thought it would be. Sooo, even if I don't win, at least I will win in my own way! :)
So, I just wanted to let you guys know that if you don't see anything happening here for a few days, you will know the reason. I am getting some really FANTASTIC review items soon so be watching for them. Thanks for your patience while I transition with my family...this is a HUGE move for us and we appreciate your thoughts and prayers for us during this time. :)

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