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Here in our home, we do not drink a lot of soda. It just isn't something that we have ever done...only for an occasional treat. Even though we do not drink soda regularly, we do enjoy sparkling water and other tasty beverages like that and so I do buy that a bit more than soda. It is especially fun for my children as they don't get "pop" very often and LOVE the treat of getting a VERY small cup of soda with their dinner. 
If you are someone who loves to drink soda or flavored, sparkling water than I would like to introduce you to a fantastic product called SodaStream! You may or may not have heard of them before, so I will tell you all about them...just in case. SodaStream is a product that allows YOU to make your very own soda, sparkling or flavored water! I reviewed a SodaStream machine last year and simply fell in love with it...I still love it! Before I continue with my review, here is a bit more about SodaStream...

SodaStream is the world's largest manufacturer, distributor and marketer of Home Carbonation Systems. Our brands are sold in over 55,000 retail stores in 43 countries including home & electrical appliance stores, hypermarkets, supermarkets, department stores, convenience stores, DIY, specialty and "green" stores, water specialists & dealers, as well as online and in catalogs.

Our long standing and deep heritage dates back to 1903, when we introduced innovative solutions to the beverage market. We continue to grow as market leaders in both technological advancements and the quality of our products.

The SodaStream system enables consumers to carbonate water and to flavor carbonated beverages at home as an alternative to purchasing pre-packed bottles or cans. This has many important benefits to the consumer including cost savings and no hassle with bottles.

I remember seeing SodaStream for the first time and thinking "Wow...that looks like it would be so handy!" Boy, was I right. One thing that I always loved about this company was that their product were always in stores that I regularly shopped including Bed Bath & Beyond. It is nice to see a product online, but it is even better when you can get it at a store near you! 
So, for this review I was sent a SodaStream Genesis - Seltzer Starter Kit. I was really excited about this review and could not wait to receive my machine! My plan was to have it be in my Holiday Gift Guide but that totally exploded and I just could not squeeze it in. So, here we are in the new year and that means one thing...a new resolution to never carry a 2-liter in from my car again!!! :)
Let's start with the basics. Upon opening the box, I found my machine and also a nice Sodamix Variety 12-Pack. This makes finding your favorite flavors simple! 
You also get two Carbonation Bottles, made especially for SodaStream. The machine itself requires a bit of assembly but it was so simple...three parts needed assembled. All you do is twist the carbonation tank into it's place and then put the two pieces together. 
Once your machine is assembled (it took me less than 5 minutes) you are ready to make soda!! Now comes the fun part...the flavors!! SodaStream offers over 100 FLAVORS to suit just about anyone's tastes. I was sent a whole bunch of flavors to try and because I have tried SodaStream, I already know what my favorite flavors are. :) 
You can see in the picture above that some of the Sparkling Natural Flavors are Black Currant & Pear, Ginger Ale and Cola. Don't they look awesome?!?!?
You also have choices like Diet Lemon-Lime, Cranberry Raspberry, Diet Pink Grapefruit and Cola Free. There are loads of other flavors that you can choose from as well...these are just a few. 
They also carry some really yummy MyWater Essence Flavors that basically are unsweetened, all-natural flavor essences for making lightly flavored seltzer or sparkling water. I have tried these before and they are wonderful! Very refreshing...especially on hot days. 
Once you have gone through the process of figuring out which flavor you would like to use, fill your Carbonation Bottle with very cold water. I have a Brita Water Filter in my fridge and that is what I use for my soda. Twist the bottle securely onto the soda machine and press the button on the top. Keep pressing until you hear it "BUZZ" loudly. Three buzzes should give you the right amount of carbonation. After you have finished carbonating your water, you can add your flavoring. I chose to try the Cranberry-Raspberry. 
My soda tasted amazing. It was bubbly, refreshing and very flavorful. I have absolutely no complaints...SodaStream is PERFECT! I have totally amazed people who have visited me...they cannot believe that I make my own soda. You should see their faces when I show them how easy it is. Believe me when I say this is a wonderful product to have on hand when you are entertaining guests. :)

The SodaStream Genesis - Seltzer Starter Kit retails for $99.95 and you have your choice of two or black. Also, if you order now you can get free shipping on any Home Soda Maker by using the code FREEFIZZ

If you would like to keep up with SodaStream, you can do by liking them on Facebook, following them on Twitter and also on YouTube! Staying connected is important...especially if you like to stay current on their special deals, promotions and other great events that they may be having! 

So, in my opinion...SodaStream is an amazing product and company! I absolutely love my SodaStream Genesis Soda Maker. The flavors are so yummy and making my own soda could not be any easier. My family loves the special treat of a glass of soda every now and then and SodaStream makes that an affordable treat that I can create all on my own! I would definitely recommend this product to everyone!!!

Disclaimer: I received no monetary compensation for this post. I did receive a free SodaStream Machine and  Starter Kit for review purposes. All quotes and stock photos are from the SodaStream website and email.  All thoughts and opinions are 100% mine.

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  1. I sooooo wanted one of these for Christmas and didn't get's my chance :)
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